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Overcome this betrayal! Help Dr Mahathir propel Malaysia into the 21st Century

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad wrote to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to request the removal of Apandi Ali, the Attorney-General, and replace him with the constitutional expert and respected lawyer, Tommy Thomas.  The letter from Dr Mahathir was written around two weeks ago.

Thomas is also the unanimous choice of all the Pakatan Harapan (PH) leaders. His appointment would reassure the business world and the international community and signal to them, that PH means business and is serious about the reforms of its institutions, which the coalition promised, before GE-14. 

Thomas’ litigation skills and experience would enable the efficient prosecution of those involved in the 1MDB scandal.

Sadly, Dr Mahathir’s request has not been dealt with.

The Cabinet and PM’s request has been denied

Instead the PM has been told to reject Thomas and consider other names, including a former high court judge and a serving court of appeal judge.

Why should Dr Mahathir and his Cabinet do that?

What is the point of reform and of meritocracy if the last word belongs to someone else? Why? 

One political observer said, “The rakyat is not stupid. They first noted the delay, for the swearing-in of the new Prime minister, the day after GE-14, when the results were announced. They rakyat noticed the dragging of the palace officials’ feet. They were also denied a proper celebration for victory that day; instead they were left wondering about the silence and delay. Tempers were running high. They had waited 61 years to get rid of the oppressive, Umno-Baru.

Today’s revelation, about the delayed appointment of the new Attorney General will disappoint the rakyat further.

“The rakyat won in GE-14, despite the cheating, the voter manipulation, the dedak, the complicity of various officials in the Election Commission and the Registrar of Societies, the bribes and the threats of violence.

“Now this! The rakyat is like a dragon which has been awakened from its slumber. It is hungry and wants to flex its muscles.”

The replacement Attorney-General should be Malay/Muslim

The Malaysian Insight claimed that “…other Malay rulers have also supported the King’s position, adamant that the A-G should be a Malay/Muslim.”

This is a shocking revelation.

In 21 st Malaysia, there is no place for racism. Those who are at the top, of society and government, should set an example.

There are only Malaysians in Malaysia. 

The King is the ruler of all his subjects. He cannot be only king of the Malays. He cannot cherry-pick his subjects.

The new Malaysia

We now live in a Malaysia that is based on meritocracy, not privilege, patronage or nepotism. 

When the rakyat voted PH to power, they voted for radical change.

Dr Mahathir was given the mandate to rule Malaysia. He, his Cabinet and whatever appointments they make, should be respected. 

We are not living in the middle ages. There are no more fiefdoms. Today’s rakyat is a thinking one. They are not afraid to speak out and act if necessary, as they did in GE-14.

The rakyat wanted change and they achieved it. 

The ones who oppose the new Malaysia, cannot stop the tide; it may wax and wane but it is inexorable.

The rakyat has suffered, sacrificed and kept silent for too long. 

An attempt to stop them now, would be futile and bound to fail.

Mahathir will lead Malaysia into the 21st Century

Dr Mahathir, and his Cabinet, have been given the mandate to lead Malaysia into the 21st Century.

Everyone, without exception, should let the PM continue the job.

Many of us thought that the sultans would help the rakyat get rid of Umno-Baru’s corruption and cronyism.

The recent revelations show that our trust has been misplaced. 

Is this Najib’s work. Is this his plan to destroy the country? 

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men

Couldn’t put Humpty together again.



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