Padan Muka! Now you have the Malaysian Prime minister who is Malay first. You blamed Mahathir for last Sunday’s coup. Anwar, as always, just wanted to be PM. He can’t think of anything new to say. The front door was left open and the prime mover, Muhyiddin Yassin just sat on the throne. What did I say about race and religion?

Padan Muka!  Now you have the Malaysian Prime minister who is Malay first – Muhyiddin Yassin.
1. Whilst you blamed Mahathir and championed Anwar and his sideshow, the front door was left open for Muhyiddin Yassin, of the I am Malay first infamy, to walk in and sit on the throne. Happy now?
2. Why don’t you just give the premiership to Hadi Awang, the PAS president. 
At least he will isntall a syairah government, and the economy will be run down that you and he, will beg someone who is cabpable to take over.
3. You blamed Mahathir for last Sunday’s coup.
You said Anwar Ibrahim should be PM and he will clear-up the mess.
A country can only have one leader. You gave Mahathir the mandate to rule, in GE-14, so you should have  left him do his job but you got sidetracked and focussed on Anwar’s succession.
4. Why could you not let the ministers do their jobs and kick them out at GE-15 if they do not perform. Those like the black shoes minister, the flying car minister and a clutch of other useless ministers.
5. Instead, you joined Anwar in his little side show and wasted precious time and energy.
You helped to distract all of us.
6. Anwar just wants to be PM. He can’t think of anything new to say.
Please list his achievements in office, during Mahathir’s first premiership, when he was in that Cabinet, that are noteworthy. What were his successes in building the nation?
7. Most of us supported the effort to free Anwar from jail. Those were politically motivated charges. It is our duty to get justice for him, but that is where our help should stop.
We rallied to get him out of jail, but not to make him PM.
8. He is out. Did you promise him the post of prime minister, without seeing if he is qualified?
9. Is being a jail and “suffering in jail” a qualification? Some of you seem to think so.
What about the people who were thrown in jail for the most flimsy of reasons. They suffered. Some were beaten to death. Their families also suffered. Why not offer the ones who survived, the post of PM?
10. Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh (deceased), Mat Sabu, Lim Guan Eng, Syed Husin Ali and many other Malaysians (Malays and non-Malays) were jailed. THey suffered.
Do they have a right to be PM? Being in jail is NOT a qualification to be PM.
11. Stop being shallow and get the competent politicians to have a chance at being PM.
Competency does not look at race or religion or gender.
The front door was left open and the prime mover of last Sunday’s coup, Muhyiddin Yassin, just breezed in and  sat on the throne. What did I say about race and religion?
12. I said that the outcome of the failed political coup was the best opportunity to start from square one.
Many of you said I was wrong. You said I was Mahathir’s puppet. You said I hated Anwar. I don’t hate him. I just pity him.

First. Start from scratch. DEBUNK race and religion. Put race and religion aside.

We have seen how Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and other Muslim nations slide from bad to worse, with the religious narrative.

Second.  Choose the BEST MAN for the job. He could be male or female, malay or non-malay, Muslim or non-Muslim. 

Third. But many of you said I was Mahathir’s supporter. FYI, I have been Mahathir’s critic since I was a teenager.

Many of his policies of the 80s and 90s, during which time, Anwar was a member of his Cabinet and his deputy. 

Take away Anwar’s time in prison and the reformasi movement, now show me his achievements.

Four. Many of you say now is not the right time to remove race and religion from politics.

Now tell me, “When is the right time?”

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  • Michael Chiang says:

    I was accused by Mahathir’s fanatical and obsessive supporters of being maliciously prejudiced against Mahathir. ‘Prasangka buruk’ and ‘paranoid’ of him, they said.

    But, the truth is, I was a staunch supporter of Mahathir earlier, especially during the first 12 months of his administration. I had even criticised Anwar Ibrahim, accusing him of being impatient. At one point, I even suspected him of planning to collude with Umno and some royal personalities who hated Mahathir to upstage the old man. I was even against PH triggering the Port Dickson by-election for Anwar Ibrahim. I mocked Anwar Ibrahim when he accompanied Wan Azizah in her formal duties, while praising Mahathir and even supported the exodus of Umnomen to Bersatu, as I feared Anwar Ibrahim would try to upstage Mahathir before the agreed two years period.

    But everything changed when Mahathir started meeting with the enemies and cozying up to PAS, after which Haji Hadi voiced support for him in pitting him against Anwar Ibrahim.

    Then, he appointed Azmin Ali as the federal liason in Kelantan instead of the more strategic Husam Musa, showering PAS government with special federal grant of a whopping RM400 million, despite Kelantan PAS’ well known and infamous financial imprudence, participated in the highly provocative and divisive ‘Malay Dignity’ which everyone knew was held to create discord within PH, defended Zakir Naik at the expense of harm to our important export, the palm oil, let the rabid Wahabi mufti Mohd Asri and extremist Haji Hadi a free reign to incite racial enmity with their highly toxic and provocative remarks while arresting and jailing non-Malay Muslims for sedition, despite the fact that PH came to power largely on the non Muslims’ erstwhile supports, and finally the tipping point was the utterly self defeating LTTE dragnet, which eventually, fully convinced me of Mahathir’s intention to create discord and chaos and using it as a pretext to leave PH and cohort with Umno and PAS to bring down the democratically elected PH in the name of defending Malay and Islam. All these, in addition to other self defeating policies, like the out of the blue introduction of Jawi, the procastination in UEC recognition, the flip flop in amending the draconian laws, under which many PH leaders had been detained before, were all part of the design and served to create pretexts, that Malay Muslims had been sidelined and Bersatu had to defend them by leaving PH to form a grand coalition of Malay political parties to take on the Chinese and take over the government.

    I saw this coming months ago and unlike some people, I am never a fanatical and obsessive supporter of anyone. Obsessively supporting a person no matter how wrong and ridiculous it looks, is simply not me. I’m sorry, I’m not a clown and I don’t intend to be one.

    P/S: I was committed to Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim keeping to their promises. Anwar Ibrahim upstaging Mahathir before the agreed 2 years period or Mahathir reneges on handing over to Anwar Ibrahim after the agreed 2 years period would instabilise PH which only had the support of 48%.

  • Duke says:

    Atok must be drunk. He betrayed Anwar twice. Once by supporting Azmin and another time by not keeping his promise to pass the baton after 2 year. Anwar has been very patient with him. Now he is blaming everyone else but himself. Madey is a power crazy lunatic.

    • chau chan chong says:

      emotion aside, it is a fact on the record and not to be reversed no matter how many “if’s, but’s, then’s …”!

  • Matthew says:

    Marina must be drunk like her dad ??

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