Padan muka, Pakatan Harapan (PH)! Congratulations MCA! Thank You, Dr Mahathir, Ahmad Faizal Azumu, & the following in my list… You have contributed to PH’s downfall.

Padan Muka, Pakatan Harapan (PH)! You deserve to lose. Soon after GE-14, you FORGOT about the rakyat who put you in power.

You became cocky after GE-14.

You became arrogant and some of your ministers and politicians, outdid Umno-Baru and PAS in terms of arrogance and entitlement. 

You were our champions at GE-14, but four months after winning, many of the PH politicians settled into their comfotable roles, enjoyed the perks, the business class or first class travel, loved their dinners with overseas fugitives, thought you were very important because you had bodyguards, stayed in 5-star hotels at overseas venues, and after savouring the spoils of winning, you assumed the role of Umno-Baru.

Did you (PH) get rid of racism and extremism? Corruption? Favouritism? Political mates?

No, you did not.

Did you introduce meritocracy in schools and  public institutions including government departments?

Hell no!

Did you get rid of the people who used religion to undermine the rule of law…think tahfiz schools, the alleged corruption in JAKIM, the abuse of religion by individuals who are intent on fast tracking their own souls to heaven, by treading on the rights of people of other faiths and of Muslims. You used might to frighten people.

You did not work fast enough on your reforms. You failed us.

Here is the list of people I want to thank. (Just add yours to my list in the comments section below)

Thank You, Dr Mahathir Mohamad. You seemed fine for the first four months after May 2018, but it appears you were merely testing the waters and testing our reaction. You knew Malaysians were an apathetic lot and after they had got rid of Najib, they gave you full rein to reign. So you did as you pleased and members in your PH cabinet, were too afraid of losing their positions, so they allowed you to run amok.

Thank You, Ahmad Faizal Azumu. Your video a few days before Tanjung Piai, was a catalyst for people to say, “Out with PH”. You are a one-man demolition squad. You destroyed democracy and true governance in Perak. You should rejoin Umno-Baru instead of pretending you are part of the PH coalition.

Thank you, the silient PH ministers who allowed the “Boy Blunder” to be the mouth piece for PH and allow him to mak sebok (interfere) in other ministers’ remits. He dined and wined a fugitive from India, a destructive figure in the world because of his views and influence. Our rakyat is being led astray, like lemmings over a cliff.

Thank you, the silent PH politicians who failed the integrity test by lying about their qualifications, and yet were allowed to continue to lead .

Thank you PKR for a spectacular display of party infighting. The  factions belonging to Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali and their supporters are really stupid. You should launder your dirty washing in the privacy of your homes. Right up to Tanjung Piai, the two factions were at it again. You cannot unite as a party, and you expect us to think you can lead Malaysia. You couldn’t even lead a brass band. Podah!

Thank you to the previously vocal politicians, who, when they were a lowly, bunch in the former Pakatan coalition, were very vocal against Umno-Baru/BN but when they became the ruling coalition, they became as silent as the grave.

Thank you to the Muslim politicians (you know who you are), who gave racism and religious extremism a new lease of life by saying “Islam needs protecting and the Malays need defending”. From whom or what? Tell us. As far as we can see, Malays and Muslims need protecting from daft Malays and Muslims who are consumed with a lust for power and material goods, and don’t know how to lead.

Thank you to the non-Malay politicians, who are afraid that if they say too much, they may be ejected as MP or minister. You thought of your own positions, but not the rakyat’s suffering.

We all know what’s going to happen next. Umno-baru will be emboldened after their string of by-election successes, since GE-14, and they will win more seats in future by-elections.

Disgraced Najib Abdul Razak will probably be let off scot free. Already he has mocked the courts with his MCs and continual pseudo illnesses and excuses. His former deputy, Zahid Hamidi, the friend of the Malay triad, Tiga Line, will resume his privileged position by Najib’s side.

All the money laundering charges and Criminal breach of trust (CBT) charges against the former leaders of Felda, Tabung Haji, Umno-Baru and other public institutions will be dropped, and the fraud will continue. The corrupt politicians will say, “business as usual” after the slight hiccup of PH in power. The Red Shirts will be energised.

Racism and extremism will rear their ugly heads again. More than before!

JAKIM will get a few more billion ringgits, to silence vocal Muslims and keep Malaysians under control. More so than before.

SOSMA and probably other draconian laws will be further strengthened because the politicians, especially the top, will want us to keep quiet. Why should we keep quiet?

DAP, and Amanah and PKR have let us down, mega big time.


The job to get the country on the right track again, is ours to do. We cannot depend on PH anymore. Speak out, and never give up.

If DAP, Amanah and PKR want to get this country back on its feet again, their politicians should also SPEAK UP and do NOT be afraid to oppose Dr Mahathir Mohamad and BERSATU.

Padan muka PH. You deserve to lose.


Rebuilding Malaysia


  • DW says:

    PH should stop using Najib to blackmail us!
    In the wake of the PH defeat , I sent mssg to some DAP friends and told them this is a slap from Chinese speaking voters for DAP/ FM using TAR UC matching grant to wipe out one of a very few MCA legacy. Some replied, if we lost next election, NAJIB MAY GO SCOT FREE. I can’t imagine some DAP leaders could stood so low as to use our hatred of corrupted Najib to continue blackmail us?
    Start the real reforms and ensure independency of LEGISLATION, judiciary and executive. Whichever party rules the guilty will not be spared!

  • Zahid says:

    Mariam has amazed me this time when she still hasnt forgotten to mention anwar ibrahim.
    I dont read mariam’s pieces after more or less understood her stance but this time i just clicked and wanted to see where she could connect anwar with this defeat. And hahaha, she managed to find the dot. Its like anwar has been always in her mind, at all cost. This aint no hatred, but pure love. Oh man..

  • Edrus Nawawi says:

    The beginning of the end for PH

  • double tree says:

    DAP office bearers behaving like civil servants, esp LGE. He thinks he is the chief accountant for the government, not a FINANCE MINISTER. He has no idea of what he should do or not do. He is afraid of criticism. Got no balls to move ahead. If he carries on like this, he is finished. No need to stand for election. Nobody will believe you. Look at you now. Just like chief accountant ONLY. Nobody will believe you are a minister.

  • Ricky Y says:

    Indeed a sad day for Malaysia, everything we worked so hard will be undone. Politicians should never be in power. We need a person who have the guts to make changes whether its popular or not. The same politicians seeking approval will never be able to get the job done. In the end, standing on the fence will get us no where. To all the ministers who says they work for Malaysia don’t really understand the raakyat sentiments. They have indeed become arrogant.They don’t need more interference in business regulations but more deregulations and tax incentives. They need to help business to do well and in turn get the economy going. Keep their promises prior to elections. What good is it, if in the next election you loose? Raakyat has already spoken but you are not listening. It’s still not too late.

  • ALI says:

    First and foremost go back to the neglected manifestoand work on it. Then ask hour elected MP’s to go to their constituencies and have a meet the people sessions and attend to their grouse and work for them to achieve their requirements….their needs to up keep the rakyat.

    If you cant do the above….humbly resign and allow someone else to do the job and dont use and waste our Rakyat’s money and be a burden for the Rayyat.

  • Razali says:

    Nice to see someone dare to speak out his/her opinion..this is a democracy contry ..things should be like that…freedom for speech…I am just a kampong guy…but I have eyes…mind ..I see things happened around me…RACISM..its always arise during election…but in reality did racism ocvur in our country…we still celebrate festival together..attend friend marriage or their daughters..attend funerals….RACISM keep arising because it was mention fresuently…almost everyday until it becomes hatred among those who are thinking without their sense…withoutfrelong grateful living in a multiracial country like malaysia…Thankful should be given to the founder of Malaysia…we can and become who we are tiday..why ???….only one thing…tolerancy…its not about races…religion or background….so who should be blamed….politician ? religion ? races ? or voters ?
    Learn from history….not making a history..

  • Sam Thevar says:

    Shape up or ship out! PH you deserve it for letting Mahathir & Bersatu to dictate!

  • Rajandran Suppiah says:

    Very well said. Just kick out bersatu from Paka tan and every thing could fall in place for Pakatan under DSAI. Until then it going to be disgrace after disgrace committed by Bersatu. We love Pakatan but not Bersatu. Wolves in sheep clothing. TM has got nothing to worry off, Umno Pas will make TM as their leader. Remember, TM invited Umno members into his fold, that was d starting point for destruction. God bless Malaysia.

  • Phee Hicj says:

    Come on, PH you can force Praba to give up his seat at Batu and have another by election. We want to see another PH seat losing big time.

  • Chew Leng Soon says:

    I think we should also include LGE who is adamant that the Government gives the RM30mil grant to UC TAR only on condition that MCA relinquish it’s control of UC TAR. This has deprived or resulted in many poor students & their families to bear a heavier burden. This is unacceptable to many poor Malaysians especially the Chinese. This has resulted in many Chinese businesses including hawkers to raise money for UC TAR.

  • Ahmadabad says:

    I suggest that your PM and the party should be removed from PH ….hehe

  • ST Kuek says:

    Can’t wait for another by-election !!

  • Hopeful says:

    The first person to leave is mahatir. The nation doesn’t need you anymore. Please leave with dignity.

  • Pala says:

    Well said Mariam. PH is heading for self destruction.
    After so many byelections PH has managed to win only one I.e. in PD.
    Unless there is an immediate change in direction and leadership, the PH is heading for destruction.

  • Yeap King Seong says:

    Well said. You have some ministers in critical portfolios that is hell bent with 2R( race, religion) agenda with myopic views only. ‘WE’ are stuck at this point of time as we do not have the 3rd alternative for government. I am truly sad for the government of the day.

  • Bob says:

    More than a year in office..the crooks of the mother of all scandals are still dancing around… campaigning in by elections. What happened to rule of law??

  • Dorothy Too says:

    Just so disappointed ! We can only rely on divine grace to save us from further regression now. Man proposes , Heaven disposes….

  • Jeffkl says:

    PH = Pakatan Hancur


    Very well said…excellency in words at its best to describe our present scenario.PH, U were given a chance but u let the old dog bark so loud, very very loud indeed. U let him rule like the who he was..and he is still now.
    Finally, IT IS WRITTEN ON THE WALL FOR GE15 and if u all cant see it, who can.For the sake of our dear Malaysia, tanah tumpah darahku.,

  • Chew Yuen Wai says:

    Support..! PH ?? Wait c GE15

  • Suaidi bin Otek says:

    Kesilapan PH ialah masih mengekalkan Tun Mahathir sebagai PM, biar buat peralihan kuasa kepada DSAI. Rakyat dah muak dengan kepimpinan Tun. Rakyat lebih suka kepimpinan di bawah Anwar. Begitu juga dengan Azmin, biar your former bos Anwar lead the country, dia banyak berjasa dan banyak bersabar, jangan gila kuasa. Rakyat boleh melihat dan boleh menentukan siapa yang layak dan berpontensi menerajui negara.

    • Azman says:

      X pyh lg PH nk pegang mlysia.
      Semua kaum mau BN perintah semula.
      Pengalaman perlu ad d kalangan kerusi parlimen yg memerintah.
      Brp kerat sngt ahli parlimen PH yg betui2 sepenuh ny fhm erti pilitik.
      Setakat sembang jee. Cucu sya pun bole sembang.

    • Nesh says:

      Saya sokong ….bagus idea Dan plan ini..Kita perlukan suntikkan baru..

  • Susan says:

    Beautifully said as always Mariam.

  • Gurdip Toor says:

    Very well said. I hope it knocks some sense in their numb sculls. A wake up call.

  • Sulm Dau says:

    We are the rakyat that suffer. We got no job, we got no project, there is no contract, the bank tightened themselves, the ph cronies limit the project awarded to their gangs only, many companies were closing down, the ph politicians keep giving dreams to the rakyat, the elehant can fly…but they (ph) are those who flies for nothing.

  • Patrick Lim says:

    Well, its now or never.
    PH still have the numbers to make it Right.
    Tun M can still “Right His Wrongs” immediately or Step Down.
    PH do what is right now. We are observing what The Opposition are Doing to PH’s Good Policies and Amenments
    Good Governance To All “MPs.”
    Do What’s Right for the Rakyats, We’re not Blind , Deaf amd Frighten anymore.
    PM, you know now which Low Mentality Ministers to change.

  • Chenwei says:

    Right to the point! Thank you for reminding us the problem.

  • LINCOLN TAN says:

    Well said! Bersatu and Harapan took voters for granted.

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