Here is how Muhyiddin “saves” Malaysia. First. He is silent over the “Khairuddin-Quarantine-Cock-up”. Next, he passes the buck to the authorities. Then, the MoH does a cover-up & finally, PAS heaps more arrogance upon Khairuddin’s desire for special treatment.

The “Khairuddin-quarantine-cock-up” proves one thing. Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level, with their years of experience. Trust PAS and Muhyiddin Yassin to politicise … Continue Reading →


We call it caviar, but Umno-Baru ministers claim it’s ‘telur ikan aje’. They said they were sharing a meal, but the photo showed their arrogance, extravagance and waste. What’s wrong with a bungkus tapau for lunch?

Looking at the photo, the Federal Territories Minister, Annuar Musa and his fellow MPs probably saw a group of men sharing a meal; but the rakyat saw arrogance, extravagance and … Continue Reading →


Why are we so lenient with the felon Najib? He stole RM42 million & is FREE. The man who stole a can of sardines to feed his family is jailed for one year. The Malay elites are protected by a system which is full of hypocrisy & double standards.

The authorities are too lenient with the convicted criminal Najib Abdul Razak. A week after his conviction, Najib made a seven-minute video to claim that the SRC International money had … Continue Reading →