The Zero Sum Game

Yin reiterates that the two big stumbling blocks to our country’s peace, progress and prosperity are race and religion. Malaysians are the final losers in this zero sum game we … Continue Reading →


Real men do NOT cane their daughters. Perfect fathers do NOT boast (on Instagram) about using physical violence on their children. Who does Aliff Syukri think he is?

Some Malaysian parents have the bad habit of exploiting their children to express their anger, or to promote an indefensible behaviour. The irresponsible parents range from daughters of politicians, to … Continue Reading →


Malaysia is the Tong Sampah of the world. The Australians do NOT want Lynas’ radioactive waste; so how on earth did disgraced Najib approve this project? Heads MUST roll.

The headline says it all. Western Australia’s Mines, Petroleum, Energy and Industrial Relations Minister, Bill Johnston, has refused to take back the radioactive waste produced at Lynas’ rare earth processing … Continue Reading →


Will the four intellectually dishonest professors, dubbed the “kangkung professors” come out of hiding and explain themselves, and more importantly apologise to the nation for misleading the royals, and for provoking the bigots in society.

Mendacious and disingenuous. This is how we can describe the four academics, who convinced the Conference of Rulers to reject the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The … Continue Reading →


Letter: A consultant in Social Services comments on the Shahidan Kassim case & says, “It is a glaring case of possible injustice at best and a perpetrator getting off ‘scot-free’ at worse…”

I refer to the news report that Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, a former Government Minister who was facing molest charges against a 15-year-old girl  received a discharge, not amounting to … Continue Reading →