Pak Hassan, the filmmaker is back together with the panel of “Art for Dummies”


Ipoh has much to offer, not just Chicken tow gay and the gorgeous limestone hills.

So, if you happen to be in Ipoh, on the 20th of May, and have an interest in film and/or the arts, why not join in Pak Peter’s activities at the Sharpened Word?

Details are in the banner above, and the individual posters below.

Morning session.

Pak Hassan (Hassan Abd Muthalib – writer, film critic and film historian), is back by popular demand.

Pak Hassan will talk about film making and how to appreciate films, in the morning  session (9 am to noon). This is part II of the series but those who missed the first session, need not worry, as Pak Hassan will do a  quick recap before proceeding with part II. 
This workshop is not to be missed by movie buffs and aspiring filmmakers.
Registration begins at 8:30 am

Afternoon session.

The theme is “Art for Dummies” – Understanding and Appreciating Art. A panel of three artists with diverse back grounds, will talk about art. 

Western painting, Chinese brush painting….No problem!

Medium and art theory….you’ve come to the right place!

Seeing and sketching…come share your skills!


Extra information.

For additional information and queries, please contact the organiser, Pak Peter, on the Sharpened Word Facebook page.

Thank you


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