PAS is inconsistent about its messages on alcohol. They make lots of noise about Oktoberfest… BUT keep silent about the alcohol-based sanitising hand gels which protect us from Corona-virus…& the profiteers who inflate prices.

There are allegations that some Muslims have refused to use alcohol-based hand gels.

In the past, PAS has been vocal about alcohol usage. It would like to ban alcohol consumption in public places, so why are they silent about the high alcohol content of sanitising hand gels for use against Coronavirus?

The most effective gels have around 66% alcohol content; the active ingredient is ethanol.

Would the Minister for Religious Affairs issue a simple directive to allay the fears of Muslims, who wrongly think that they are going against their religion because many sanitising hand gels are alcohol based?

They are concerned because the Koran bans Muslims from consuming alcohol. Sadly, many ignorant Muslims do not know that Islamic teachings encourage Muslims to use alcohol for medicinal purposes.

Meanwhile would PAS care to comment about this phenomenon in Iran?

Ironically, many ignorant Muslims, in Iran, have died after consuming bootleg alcohol, which contains methanol,  in their belief that this will cure them of the Covid-19 virus (coronavirus).

If you recall, in 2017, the PAS information chief, Nasrudin Hassan, said that the Better Beer Festival 2017 should be cancelled immediately, claiming that it would be a detrimental event.

“Furthermore, the consumption of alcohol is not an Eastern culture and is also prohibited in religion.”

He did not elaborate on how the consumption of alcohol was not an eastern culture.

He said that Islam had firm teachings about the consumption of alcohol and that Prophet Muhammad said that alcohol was the “mother of all evils”.

Nasrudin said, “It not only endangers someone’s life, but also threatens social safety by leading to various sexual crimes and other violence.”

He also alleged that 45 to 46 per cent of crimes in the UK resulted from alcohol consumption, but did not quote his sources.

The non-Malay cannot have his alcohol even he drank sensibly. All events with alcohol will probably be banned if PAS had the opportunity. Under Perikatan National, they may just do that.

There will be a food revolution if PAS banned tapai, the refreshing alcoholic Malay dessert.

Moreover, many Malays have no second-thoughts about using the alcohol based sanitising gel.

Double-standards meh?

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