PAS MP who gave a hate speech now refuses to answer media questions. Pengecut!

The PAS MP, for Kepala Batas,  Dr. Siti Mastura Muhammad, deserves to be charged for defamation of character, for spreading fake news, for lying, and for her racially provocative speech.

(Latest update: The original video which Siti told us to “watch her factual speech” has been removed, presumably by her or her associates, because she has been told to furnish proof of her wild allegations, or else be dragged to court. Padan muka!)

Will PAS leaders censure her? It is doubtful that they would.

Would the police charge her for her provocative remarks? If the PAS MB of Kedah, Sanusi Muhammad Nor has escaped punishment thus far for his racist slurs, then it is doubtful that Siti would face the wrath of the law.

Would the parliamentary standards committee punish her by fining her or banning her from parliament for an appreciable length of time? Again, it is doubtful that would happen as this is not the first time she has slandered DAP MPs. Moreover, she will claim that her speech was made in Terengganu, and not in parliament.

She knows that she has done wrong because she avoided the media pack, and refused to answer questions related to the hate speech she made in Kemaman.

If there was one thing that Malaysians can learn from Siti’s lecture, then it is to say that hers was a good lesson in “How not to deliver a talk”.

She wasn’t just  patronising and demeaning, but she was also condescending, and slanderous.

Anyone who sat through the tortuous 45 minute of her talk would be left wondering at the end, “What was the point of her speech? What was she trying to encapsulate in her talk?”

Perhaps, the gist of her speech was about protecting Islam and defending the Malay race; but she failed to say tell who or what they had to protect Islam from, and why the Malays need defending. They form the majority race and occupy top positions in government and the civil service.

What is the source of Siti’s insecurity?

Moreover, she failed to tell the audience who or what they had to protect Islam from and why the Malays, the majority race which occupies the top positions in government and the civil service. What has caused her insecurity?

She was all over the place in her speech. From handbags to husbands, from children’s upbringing to communist leaders, from provocative racist rants to Palestine.

Does she even know the history and complexity of the Palestine-Israeli conflict? Or does it make her look ‘knowledgeable and topical’ and a sure-Muslim-vote-winner, simply by making reference to Palestine?

Did she care to explain to her audience about the Balfour Declaration, the UN Partition Plan, the Oslo Accord, the two wars between the Arabs and the Israelis, the two Intifadas, the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), Fatah and how Hamas was formed from the Muslim  Brotherhood? Does she know the difference between the Israelis, Jews or Zionists?

What was her motive in slandering and dragging the former Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, and other prominent DAP politicians, including the late Singaporean Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew in her hate speech?

She also made many mistakes and incorrectly named the former Singapore PM as Lim Kuan Yew. Is she not aware that Lee Kuan Yew died eight (8) years ago? In her rambling rants, she claimed that he was still alive and living in Singapore.

Siti claimed that Lim Guan Eng was related to Chin Peng, Lee Kuan Yew, Anthony Loke, Teresa Kok and cousins, Nga Kor Ming and Ngeh Koo Ham.

Chinese surnames tell a lot about the family origins, the migration patterns and history of the clan. Siti’s ignorance and scant knowledge of the Chinese community reinforces the fact that social cohesion and community integration in Malaysia have failed.

Siti’s serious allegation that Guan Eng was related to the late Chin Peng, the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) leader, had an underlying intent.

With the communist tag, Siti’s character assassination of Guan Eng was to damage his reputation. Her defamation and provocative rant should receive the attention of the police.

The irony is that many Malay leaders, including PM Anwar Ibrahim, woo the PRC Chinese communist leadership.

She has brought shame to Malay women MPs and by her snide comments.

If one were to exclude the vile content in her video, she was patronising, and more alarmingly, she addressed the audience as if they were kindergarten children.

She would half finish a word, and implore the audience to finish the rest of the word. She was treating the audience as if they were imbeciles. It was not an easy talk to follow nor understand. At least one male member of the audience in the front row was slumped in his seat, fast asleep.

If you can imagine a car that is constantly juddering when it is driven, then that is what Siti’s speech was like. It did not flow smoothly as she was constantly stop starting when she half finished her word, only for her to complete it in the next breath.  For instance, Pulau P…Pulau Pinang, DA…DAP, akhlak Is…akhlak Islam, Kema…Kemaman.

Siti is not fit to be MP. She is divisive and the only reason she remains MP is because few have dared to punish her for her racist provocations. The police and the parliamentary standards committee should stop pussy footing around, and make an example of her with the most severe of punishments. This will serve as a deterrent and may encourage MPs to be on best behaviour in parliament and beyond

(i) Credit to Malaysiakini for photos and video.

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  • Robert says:

    As usual, to expect this imbecile to be censured is to expect to strike the lottery.

    The police has on many occasions been given the chance to show their impartiality. Unfortunately, in ALL instances, they have miserably failed to even arrest a single malay/muslim for racist and provocative religious claims.

    A clear example is the court order to arrest the husband of Indira Gandhi. We all know what the then idiot police chief did. And up till now, no arrest has been made.

    All in the name of islam.

    And muslims claim islam is a religion of peace and justice!

  • Azman Mohd Radzi says:

    Is she a Doctor?

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