Place your bets now! How many Datuks have been jailed for punching people, for stealing taxpayers’ money & committing crimes?

How confident are you that the alleged Datuk who hit the son of another Datuk at the steamboat restaurant will be jailed?

Looking at the video below, one thing is clear. Datuk-Violent’s problem isn’t just his ego and that he needs to go to anger management classes.

He is vertically challenged. Shorty Datuk-Violent probably phoned for back-up, presumably for a taller person to come and punch his victim. The bully is also a coward. He had allegedly mistreated the restaurant staff and he slapped the complainant’s girlfriend and probably, a waitress too.

On 14 January, at a Tropicana restaurant, Datuk-Violent and his friends were making a lot of noise.

The noise was not from their slurping. Yes, Malaysians can even slurp dry cornflakes and make your toes curl with their disgusting slurping noises.

Datuk-Violent was allegedly drunk and disorderly. The young man and his girlfriend dining at an adjoining table politely asked him to be less noisy as he was disturbing other customers.

Instead of lowering his voice, Datuk-Violent attacked the complainant, who we are later told, is the son of another Datuk.

Datuk-Violent allegedly made a phone call, and soon after, two men in black came to the restaurant. Why were they summoned?

Datuk-Violent and gang attacked the complainant. Other diners and the staff looked on in horror. Why didn’t they quickly rescue the complainant?

The attacker’s friends then tried to restrain Datuk-Violent. Before the group left, Datuk-Violent slapped his complainant’s girlfriend. Another diner recorded the incident.

See it here.

After the videos went viral, police tracked down and arrested Datuk-Violent and another assailant involved in the incident.

We are also told that the case is currently being investigated under Sections 323, 503, and 506 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt and criminal intimidation.

If convicted, the suspects could face imprisonment of up to one and seven years for each offence respectively.

Haven’t we heard all this before?

Here are some questions.

First. Will this Datuk, if he is a real Datuk, be sent to prison?

Second. There have been several other cases of Datuks who punched ordinary workers, parking attendants, their own staff, maids, and other members of the public. Have they been sent to jail?

We read about the incident, and reporters writing that he is a Datuk. Then we read about him being arrested, bailed, details of the trial come out, and then…..nothing!

Third. Some of these arrogant Datuks go around with the attitude, “Do you know I am?” as if being a Datuk means that we must worship the ground they walk on. Some act as if the law cannot touch them. (ask Malaysia’s notorious felon from Pekan)

Fourth. I (and I am sure you too) would like to know how many Datuks of this ill-bred variety, are made Datuks?

Fifth. Is there no vetting process before someone is given a honorific?

Sixth. Do these people suck-up to the people who have to vet these thugs?

If the allegations are to be believed, some underworld triad (Malay, Chinese and Indians all got triad lah) leaders have paid good money to become Datuks. Of course, allegations about Cash-for-Datukships will be denied.

Seventh. If politicians cannot stand for election after being convicted (one year jail and fine), then Datuks who are convicted, irrespective of the jail term, should lose their honorifics.

There are Datuks and there are Latuks.

The most notorious Datuk is the felon Najib Abdul Razak who stole billions of ringgits of taxpayers’ money. Despite being sentenced, he roams free, poisoning the minds of gullible people with his claims of innocence.

People who steal food and milk to feed their starving children are jailed. No compassion is evercised. When the breadwinner is jailed, their families face an uncertain future. Forget about our Jabatan welfare. It sucks.

Last question. When will the few genuine Datuks defend their dignity, protect the sanctity of the ‘Datuk’ award and fight off the ‘Latuks’ of society?

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  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    Aiyoyoh..!!! Tree-swinging savages of Malaysia with dumb titles!

    I won’t go against slurping though, it’s an angmoh lower middle class pretension for “civilisation” and for climbing up the class ladder.

    Then again, the Italians (among others) slurp their food and advocate the practice. The scene where Japanese society’s ladies meet slurping Pavarotti in film Tanpopo is classic,and actually reflection of Italian appreciation of life. But then you may not know if awful pizzas and Italian mee are all you know.

    We can’t leave out the Chinese, naturally, they both slurp their food and drinks. Part of the high culture of the art of the tea is slurping the delightful drink. There’s science in the slurping, but slurping loudly and noisily is quite something else, rather.

    Among the hoity toity in the society of our ex colonial masters whom many Malaysians ape, eating noisily, farting at the dinner table, talking with food in mouth, filling the mouth to the full, and, of course, slurping, are not verboten. In fact, eating like pigs, pigging food is the mark of the upper and upper middle class in Blighty. Unfortunately, our monkeys only get to meet only the lower and lowest order of Brit society who always resented being posted to the “foreign parts” and forced to mingle with the “damn natives”, btw, don’t do “high tea”, that’s an invention by the plebs sent out to tame and mingle with the foreign savages.

    Of course you can eat with your hands too, it is only forbidden with the lower classes. So, Malaysians, eat with your hands and not with the cheap Korean “silver”, you would be like proper imitations of the white massahs! You might be mistaken in Britain for being wan of the gentry – until you open your mouth and speak our native Manglish… Malaysians speak à crude pidgin version of the English lower class, but think that’s the “Queen’s English”!

    Try go to the dining room of a public (means private) school in Britain and prove what I say to yourself. If you are lucky, you might encounter food grabbing and even fights over food.

    That said, our datuks are a fcuking disgraceful, low class lot of bleeding peasants. The reason they argue, complain, moan, bully, fight in restaurants is because being peasants, many of whom paid good money to buy their titles, they need to tell the whole world they are “somebody”.

    Yes fcuking atrocious peasants.

    Yes, only in Malaysia!

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