Please join us and walk with Indira to show her we care…

Jom, mari jalan bersama IndiraThe love between a mother and daughter is priceless. The bond they share is precious from the time she carries her child in her womb, through the toddler stage, her turbulent teenage years, young adulthood, and when the mother is in her twilight years, the caring and nurturing roles between mother and daughter, are reversed.






A mother’s guiding influence never stops. When the teenager’s hormones are raging through her body, the mother patiently manages her daughter through the turbulent teenage years.

When she falls in love, the mother helps her daughter through uncharted waters, and later on, offers support should there be issues with her husband, if her daughter were to get married.

Both mother and daughter share many secrets, and though they may have encountered some rough patches, their bond grows stronger with time.

Sadly, one mother, Indira Gandhi will never be able soothe her baby with her favourite lullaby if she is restless. Or pick up her child if she were to fall in the playground. Or beam with pride at her daughter’s achievements in school.

Indira Gandhi has been forcibly separated from her baby daughter for the past seven years, by both her cruel husband who converted and took off with their daughter, and the law courts which failed her.

I will not go into detail as to why Indira has been let down by various people, suffice to say, that every mother feels for her, every husband will empathise with her, and every child will understand her loss.

If you would like to show your support for Indira, please join us at the “Walk in Solidarity with Indira”, this Saturday at the old Polo ground in Ipoh. The walk is organised by the Perak Women for Women Society, a group which helps women in need.

This is just a walk as a mother, husband, daughter, son, grandmother, aunt, family member or friend.

This walk has nothing to do with religion or politics, or race or class.

It is just a walk to show Indira we care.

Everyone is welcome.


Terima kaseh…

Rebuilding Malaysia

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