Please remind me. What was his punishment for issuing threats and insults? Or was it just a “don’t do it again bro?” for his “Kafir Harbi” warning?

A reminder from 2016.

The photo tells it all. It was an incident which shocked Malaysians, in June 2016.

Today, we are reminded and warned NOT to insult other religions. Islam has been around for several hundred years. It will be around for more and does not need protecting, but Muslims who incite violence are another story.

We agree that people should not insult others, religions and all, but please make sure that double standards are not being practised.

In 2016, the Pahang mufti made some incendiary remarks, but I do not recall, the former administration of Najib Abdul Razak, Malaysia’s disgraced PM doing anything about it, apart from a rap on the knuckles and a standard, “Jangan buat lagi ya!” (Don’t do it again.)

This is an excerpt from the paper… The Pahang mufti,  Abdul Rahman Osman,  said that parties like the Democratic Action Party (DAP) are “kafir harbi” – non-believers who can be slain – as they are against Islamic laws. This is what Abdul Rahman told Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia. 

Shocking remarks from a man of the cloth!

We should remind others of this man, and his explosive remarks. 

Today, let us hope that this PH government does NOT practise double standards. People like the Pahang mufti and others who behave like him, should be kicked out of office and replaced as soon as possible. 


Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Tong Jin says:

    It should be an offence for anyone to insult any religion or condemn any religion. Doing so will result in disgreement and big fights with no solution in hand.

  • double tree says:

    At this rate, Malaysia cannot be an economic tiger. It will be a pussycat, chasing strings and mice, but runs away from bigger threats. I wonder if the Malays can see what the government is doing to them. After 60 yrs, and they are still talking the same things. As other move forward, we are left behind. Even North Korea wants to move forward. Vietnam has already done so. The common factor in the Asian tigers is: Economic progress without religious interference. Malaysia cannot be like that because the political leaders DON’T want the Malays to move forward. So easy to religion to keep them dunggu

  • Lee Lee says:

    Even before GE14, noticed that the severe offenders of insulting religion and races were the Muftis and obviously seen in some states of Malaysia and prominently in Pahang and Perlis. Strange that this so called learned man of religion are actually pedestrian in manners. They reaffirmed and concluded on the true hypocritic fact that religion are a factor for disunity and actually a bane to country developement. When one is held bondage to their own religion, their visions are always clogged and have higher propensity in irrational reproach to morality practises. If PH Government Legal Institution by staying silent to show their non prejudicial approach in what is happening especially in the court case of Sarawak, needs to be reminded that they are Government of the Malaysian. PH has to demonstrate their abilities and capabilities to ensure fair justice are served and not pandering to the gallery of the bangsa dan agama lot.. In the street there are almost daily talks and frustrtaions of anger that the excessive call of judgement in Sarawak are obviously seen as intimidation and bullying by the majority, Damn it !!!! for it reeks of hypocrsiy practises. Just recently for a charade of fairness PDRM start to apprehend some one insulting the Hindu religion. Will he be charged with a fine of RM 7K and a jail sentences of 10 years. If the convictions of such crime are not uniformed across both East Malaysia and Peninsular Malaysia won’t it lend credence that the Legal institution are just a playground for whims and fancies of skewed judges who are prejudice to other religion and not their own kind. PH Government can’t seek forgiveness and claimed anymore infancy period as submission. Enough said !!!!

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