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Please support the removal of Najib’s portrait from Nottingham U. campus.

Najib Clown 01Some of you may, or may not be aware that at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom (UK), hangs a huge portrait of our Prime Minister, Najib Abdul Razak, on a wall of the Kings Meadow campus.

(Note: The pic is not the portrait. If it were, then it should remain!)

The portrait measures 2 metres high.

A few Nottingham undergraduates have started a petition to remove Najib’s portrait at the Nottingham University campus. The petition needs your support.

What is this petition for?

That the University of Nottingham Malaysian Society lobbies the University of Nottingham (UK) to take down the portrait as an expression of a collective act of disagreement on the Prime Minister for refusing to answer the suspicious circumstances surrounding the transfer of the RM 2.6 billion into his account.

This simple act will send a strong message to Najib that he should respond to the various allegations about the donation and 1MDB.

The University of Nottingham shares good relations with our PM. Once the removal of the portrait  is made public, it will be symbolise our collective disagreement towards our PM’s unsatisfactory responses.

How will lobbying be done?

The Malaysian Society Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on 16 March 2016 at the Law and Social Sciences (LASS) Building from 4pm onwards. The room is at the moment, not confirmed yet. I (Cassandra Chung) together with my fellow seconder (Justin Ong), intend to submit a motion to lobby the Society to lobby the University to take down the portrait.

If you are a student at the University of Nottingham, UK, do drop by the Malaysian Society’s AGM to cast your vote on the motion (Please register as a member of the Society first!).

Please sign the petition and share it!


(Note: Excerpts plucked from Cassandra’s petition)

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