Polygamy is about “fulfilling God’s command”, said one of the “empowered” wives of the polygamist

Something has gone wrong with our education, when Malaysian women in a polygamous marriage, tried to justify their husband’s lust as “fulfilling God’s command”.

I ask you, “Would you marry another woman’s husband?”

Most women will say “No! It is wrong.” Moreover, they would not want it to happen to themselves. Some women will respond with,  “Why would you steal another woman’s husband?”

Yesterday, a small group of women, who were panelists at a pro-polygamy forum with the title, “Why did I marry another woman’s husband?” were adamant that polygamy was of more benefit to women, than the men.

The four were a Sharie lawy,er Sharifah Mohd Jahaya, public speaker Nurul Adni Adnan, religious teacher, Sumaiyah Sulaiman, and manager Haryani Ithen.

They were all in employment and had stable incomes. They claimed that they had more time for themselves, and one went so far as to say, polygamy empowered her.

The Association of Harmonious Families (Pakar)

The talk was held to launch their two-month-old organisation, called the Association of Harmonious Families (Pakar). Instead, the talk became the subject of ridicule and disgust, on social media. 

These women should keep their dirty pillow talk to themselves. They should not try to justify the lust in some men, with talk about sacrifice and God’s command.

Isn’t it pathetic to hear one wife ‘s claim, that it is a small sacrifice for a big reward in the afterlife?
Another said that being able to let go of jealousy over her husband, by sharing him with the other wives, to “fulfil God’s command”, and  that she felt “empowered“ by the experience.

Sharifah said that the polygamous marriage gave her more “me time”, and that her working and looking after her children, meant she was often too tired to carry out her wifely duties.

Does Sharifah not realise that other women have jobs and children too? They don’t tell their husbands to run off with another woman, so that she can rest. Perhaps, Sharifah needs better time management. Perhaps, her hubby can help with the household chores and childminding responsibility. 


Do polygamous husbands make good family men?

In Sharifah’s case, all her hubby has to do, is to ignore all these family responsibilities, and run off to the bed of another of his wives. How convenient! When will the father learn about parenting and being a modern father and husband or family man.

Haryani claimed  that she was able to share, her “God-given responsibility” to her husband, equally with other women, and because of this, she could devote more time to her own interests and hobbies.

Does her husband have any interests and hobbies? Or is he busy flitting from one marital bed to another marital bed?

Sumaiyah said she had introduced her husband to his second bride, who happened to be her best friend from her university days in Jordan.

An outsider will think that these women are practising group sex. An orgy. 

Obsession with the afterlife 

Sumaiyah said, “It is a small sacrifice for a big reward in the afterlife.”

Sex. Sex. Sex.  It is all about rewards in the afterlife.

The man is promised 72 virgins for the afterlife.

The woman is often told to give herself to her husband’s desires, to be rewarded later, in the afterlife, but what does she get? A set of kitchen tools? A mop and bucket? 72 studs?

Sumaiyah said that she and her co-wives were able to  “live happily under one roof”, whilst Nurul said that she did not feel jealous because she was sharing her husband to “fulfil God’s command”, and that it was a form of “female empowerment” for her.

Really? God’s command?

Others will think she needs to check into Tanjung Rambutan,.

She also said that instead of depending on a man for fulfilment, women would have to learn to depend more on themselves and on God.

If that is the case, why does she want to get married? For some women, fulfilment comes with two batteries and a plastic toy. 

Fair treatment or brainwashing?

The panelists may have agreed that husbands had a heavy responsibility in ensuring fair treatment of their wives, but in this forum, no one has said what the husband does.

Is he unemployed? Did he buy each of them a house and car, or is he asking his wives to buy their own cars and homes? Do the women pay for his keep?

Sharifah was furious when a reporter said the she had been “brainwashed” and she declared, “I chose this for myself, and he was not my only choice for a husband.” She claimed she had other suitors who were interested in her.

Haryani added: “I am indeed brainwashed – brainwashed by God.”

If only someone had said that in Malaysia, the requirements in Islam, for polygamous husbands to marry widows or single mothers was rarely fulfilled. Instead, the men were more likely to choose women who were younger than their youngest daughters.

Did any of the women take into consideration the feelings of the older wives and children, most of whom are abandoned by the husband?

It looks like the new Education Minister, Dr Mazlee Malik has an enormous task to educate these Muslim women, who think that being in a polygamous marriage is their religious duty.


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  • Imran Ghafoor says:

    This article is so unbelievable in its bias. Western democracy goes on so much about ‘living life how you want’, and deciding for yourselves how you wish to live. But when it comes to full grown adult Muslims wishing to be the lawful, legal, married co-wives of a man (rather than his next one night stand at the local), all of a sudden they are brainwashed, and are obsessed with God. Questions you need to consider are: Does a creator exist? What are the attributes of such a creator? Does he have a purpose for us? Is there a life after death? If you are sincere in your quest to answer such questions, then I think you may understand the actions of these women. But if you don’t bother to seek these answers, you will always have a superficial understanding on the practices of others, and will forever compare them to your ever evolving set of morals. Peace.

  • Joe Fernandez says:

    The Islamic concept of God is the excuse used to say that God said this and said that, said do this and don’t do that.

    It’s the excuse to talk of God’s law, divine law and perfect law.

    That’s where the control freaks come in and enslave millions in the quest for power and wealth.

    Zakir Naik, in explaining the concept of God in Hinduism, has exposed the fundamental flaw in Islam.

    Zakir Naik claims that according to Islam, everything is God’s i.e. belongs to God.

    In Hinduism, he conceded, everything is God.

    In the 21st century, man has sufficiently evolved to realise that God could not be something different from us.

    God and us are one and the same.

    The thought of everything belonging to one supreme being, i.e. God, is fundamentally flawed.

    In that sense, the Islamic take on God could not be true.

    Hinduism has realised the true nature of God.

    This can be further seen in the Holy Bible, the Word of God. Word of God is not a reference to God but the spiritual nature of Truth.

    The Truth, the only reality, is one i.e. God.

    Truth is God and God is Truth.

    The Truth expresses itself, manifests and reflects itself in God being everything and everything being God.

    Jesus said, “you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free”.

    Everything came from nothingness and returns to nothingness. That’s the Truth.

    God is in nothingness.

    That’s why atheists argue, albeit errorneously, that God does not exist.

    If God does not exist, we would not exist, and the universe would not exist.

    If God does not exist, there’s no reason for us to exist, and there’s no reason for the universe to exist.

    God exists because we exist.

    We exist because God exists.

    Again, God and us are one and the same. We are not separate, as Zakir Naik claims.

    Read here . . .


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