Ramakrishnan asks, “Najib, where does Umno get all this money?”

P. Ramakrishnan questions how former prime minister, Najib Abdul Razak, obtained the hundreds of millions of ringgits which was found during police raids on various apartments in Kuala Lumpur.

He says, “We need to ask why should Najib be in possession of this money in his office?”

Why indeed? 

The former president of Aliran, has kindly given permission for Rebuilding Malaysia, to reproduce his article which first appeard in Aliran, on 10 August 2018.


Najib, where does Umno get all this money?

P Ramakrishnan: Umno seems to be wallowing in millions of ringgit. Nobody seems to know where this gargantuan sum of money comes from. Suddenly, we discover 35 bags containing 114 million ringgit lying around in an unoccupied apartment!

And now, we discover that on 9 May, there was RM3.5 million left lying around in the Prime Minister’s Office. The money was not locked up in a safe. Perhaps there was no more space in the safe then!

Why should the Umno President enjoy access to millions of ringgit without being accountable? Is it proper and legal under the law for so much money to be in the possession of an individual?


Umno Constitution

What does the Umno Constitution say regarding the control and proper management of party funds? Does it allow the President to be the sole Umno official to operate the accounts of the party? What is the role of the Treasurer then?

As far as we are aware, party funds must be kept in a bank and operated by at least two officials, sometimes by three. Payment can only be made for any big expenditure incurred following a decision of the Umno Supreme Council. No party Constitution gives absolute authority or discretion to the party President to use so much money as to when and how without being accountable.

There will also be a provision in the Constitution for a small amount of petty cash to be kept by the Treasurer. What is that amount allowed under the Umno Constitution?

Normally, the money of a society is managed by the Treasurer. In Umno’s case, we rarely hear of the Treasurer. It has always been the President.

In the latest episode involving the RM3.5 million which was stolen by the security guards entrusted to look after the money, we need to ask why should Najib be in possession of this money in his office.

Najib’s lack of accountability

Najib’s startling statement that the RM114 million that was seized by the police – after the money was transferred to a private apartment the day after the election – was meant to be eventually transferred to the new Umno President is baffling. Is the President given such authority to be in possession of such a colossal sum of money?

Remarkably, at that point in time, no succession was ever contemplated, as Najib appeared to be in full control despite the disastrous defeat of the party.

How does an in-coming President of Umno inherit so much wealth without being accountable for it? It is not the personal wealth of the out-going President to hand over the money to his successor. Who keeps the books? Who submits the accounts and to whom?

Don’t the Umno members query this practice? Doesn’t Umno have faith in our banks for the money to be safely kept in the bank earning interest? What is the responsibility of the Treasurer? Does he play any role at all?

Is anyone entrusted with the responsibility to ensure that the amount of money handed over is the exact amount?

With so much money floating around, it is so much easier to dip your hand in the till. Nobody will be the wiser!

It would appear that we have perfected corruption so well that it can take place unnoticed and undetected!

P Ramakrishnan
Aliran member
10 August 2018

(The views expressed are those of the contributor)


P Ramakrishnan is the long-serving former president of Aliran who served three and a half decades on its executive committee, and has been with Aliran since its inception in 1977. Now an ordinary Aliran member, he continues to highlight issues of public interest to a larger audience.




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  • Hang Tuah says:

    Ramakrishnan, why do you posed such silly questions. With due respect again, you and many of my beloved fellow Malaysians adopt a closed mind. These kleptocrat and his hangers on, did the things because like mountaineers would say of climbing Everest, because it is there. They did it because they can and you think little stupid rules and regulations are going to deter them and ensure they will follow the protocols. Please lah, get a grip on yourself.
    With the charging of his so-called defence legal practitioner yesterday, Malaysians should be thankful they are dealing with a bunch of amateur crooks. The 30% free ownership to mainly UMNO Malay is a form of protection money placed on companies and businesses. We were fortunate to be able to win the GE14 and it was so unexpected that no measures or effort were made to squirrel away the cash and that includes this crook who masquerade as a legal practitioner. Hence, the AG chamber was able to just go to the crook’s financial institution account and pick the money trail. Never, I emphasise, never in their minds did they think they are going to lose the elections as previous 13 elections, they were a shoo-in. Suddenly, collective amnesia is the practice. Najib “the dumb arse” Razak and his cohorts cannot remember anything, even expressed surprise that there were so much jewelleries and handbags in his house. My advice is to have his wife’s DNA tested as he might have been sleeping with a pig, since he does not remember anything.
    The stupidity of this crooked lawyer is beyond the pale. He even proffered that it is for payment of work performed for UMNO and BN, and yet he did not declared as income and pay the income tax, which is tax evasion and a criminal offence. Either way, this lowlife is stooged. He even held a press conference to explain that he will be found not guilty, thus providing the prosecution, the ammunition of charging him for trying to pervert the course of justice or at least contempt of Court.
    So my friend, Mr. Ramakrishnan, please do not fret about the protocols of UMNO being followed or not, but rather there are lots of pressing issues on hand that confront our country. As I have mentioned in Hussein’s blog, one very important measure is to declare the current legal tender notes obsolete by a certain date and re-issue new notes and you will flushed out more of these ill gotten gains.

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