The real enemy of the Malays

Few people learn from their mistakes. Looking at the past, to understand the present and more importantly, to prepare ourselves for the future, is difficult for  many.

Mao’s Cultural revolution destroyed many texts, and Islamic State (IS) vandalised many ancient artifacts. Our children are not spared, because Malaysian history, has been rehashed, by Umno-Baru. The scale of damage is varied, but destruction still occurred.

Doctored history

Schoolchildren are taught that the history of Malaya began when the Malacca Sultanate was formed. Few Malaysians are aware of the existence of the 8th Century Hindu civilization at Kedah’s Bujang Valley. Fast forward to the 19th Century, and many important people, like Kapitan Yap Ah Loy, who helped build Kuala Lumpur, have been erased from history.

Do you remember when the Umno-Baru Youth vice-chief, Khairul Azwan Harun, labelled former PM, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, as the “main enemy (musuh utama) of the Malays”. Having accused Mahathir of destroying Umno-Baru, he added that the former PM’s greed and ego had caused the nonagenarian to forget the party’s struggle.

Do not be deceived into thinking that former PM, Dr Mahathir Mohamad is the enemy of the Malays. Nor is it right to think that the DAP, is the enemy.

The party Khairul defends, is Umno-Baru. Umno-Baru is Mahathir’s creation. It was formed after the public spat between Mahathir and Tengku Razaleigh, during the 1987 party presidential election.

Just imagine the pain that the mother of a delinquent, goes through, when she has failed to reform her criminal son. In the end, the only way to “help” him, is to report him to the police.

The mother’s anguish is a metaphor for Mahathir and Umno-Baru, the party he conceived. The Umno-Baru members must feel betrayed; Mahathir, probably feels that he must be cruel to be kind.

Cast our minds back to 1987. Mahathir, with the backing of his supporters, including Najib Abdul Razak, created Umno-Baru. Together they gave the Malays carte-blanche to ride roughshod over the other communities.

Today, Mahathir is like the mother of a criminal delinquent. He must act to “help save” his son.

Examples of Malay leaders betraying Malaysians

What makes Najib think he is different from Mahathir? For many of us, 2014 to 2017 have been constant reminders of the age of fear, which we experienced in the late 1980s.

Khairul needs to brush up on his history. The real enemies of the Malays are those who ignore the rule of law, who are corrupt and who rule by oppression.

Many Malays, who were hand-picked to lead their ministries, the departments and GLCs, are not motivated to serve the rakyat. Many flout the rules, ignore the law, make allowances for their own colleagues and ignore public sentiments.  

Look at the former MB of Selangor, Khir Toyo, who took his family on a holiday overseas and billed RM1.7 million to the taxpayer. Khir called it a “technical study trip”. He was jailed for one year, but released early. The working man, who stole milk powder to feed his family, received a longer sentence and was not given any parole.  

The taxpayer also funded the former Terengganu MD, Ahmad Said’s 20 man delegation to the Antarctic. He tried to fool us by calling this luxury cruise, a “scientific and research” trip.  

Khairul claimed that during Mahathir’s 22-year tenure, Umno-Baru was forced to legitimise  Mahathir’s actions, because they were loyal to the party president. He added, “… We even allowed him to expel his deputy (Anwar Ibrahim).”

Amusingly, Khairul paints a description of Umno-Baru supporters, who out of blind loyalty, cannot think for themselves. Is it any wonder that we are in a perilous state today, because the supporters of yesteryear, were too stupid to question their leaders. Today, Khairul still lives in denial.

Khairul added, “…But look at what he (Mahathir) is doing now. He wants to ruin Umno’s struggle, hurls all sorts of slander at the PM, to the point that some believe these lies.”

If only Najib had listened to Mahathir’s warnings about Isa Samad, the FELDA hotel scandal may have been averted. Thus, in promoting a corrupt person, the wrong message was sent out to the Malays.

Mixed Messages

There are other mixed messages which Umno-Baru ministers send the Malays.

  • A rapist can marry his child victim, whilst an atheist lives in fear of his life.
  • Women are second class citizens, and first wives have very few rights.
  • Illegitimate children are punished for the sins of their parents.
  • Malays cannot share cups or glasses with non-Muslims.

The rakyat, including Malays, should not fall in the trap laid by Umno-Baru and swallow uncritically and wholeheartedly their fiction that Mahathir and the DAP are the enemies of the Malays.

Umno-Baru practices disharmony and inequality, and their leaders are not interested in serving the public. Umno-Baru have no right to say they defend the Malays and protect Islam.

To be brutally blunt, the leaders of Umno-Baru are economic opportunists who make hay whilst the sun shines. Umno-Baru is the real enemy of the Malays.

Rebuilding Malaysia

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