Rebuilding Malaysia… and Singapore


Both Malaysia and Singapore are like twins separated at birth.

What happens in Malaysia has ramifications in Singapore and vice versa.

Here is the link for the first official write up on Clare Rewcastle Brown’s talk.

Clare has been instrumental in exposing Najib Abdul Razak’s links with old Harrovian and party-lover, JhoLow. They have been co-conspirators in a massive  fraud. Malaysian taxpayers’ money has been stolen. There is no other way of putting it.

The Attorney-General of Malaysia claims that the case is closed. He is just another cog in the wheel in the goverment collusion in this fraud.

The IGP cannot find Jho Low, nor can he locate Riza Aziz, Najib’s stepson, who also used taxpayers’ money to fund his film, Wolf of Wall Street, and his multi-million dollar luxury homes and penthouses in America.

Najib is using the machineries of the state to cover-up 1MDB. The MPs deny that a crime has taken place. The AG says “Case closed” and the IGP would rather focus on tweets.

The American Department of Justice (DOJ) is on the case to recover the stolen monies and yet the Malaysian IGP is rather lax in trying to help solve the crime.

Below is the video for the talk “The Inside Story on “1MDB”.




Rebuilding Malaysia

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