Remember Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Khairuddin Aman Razali who boasted that he secured RM82 billion worth of investment from Turkey? Azmin Ali is now in Saudi doing a lot of kneeling & bowing and scraping. Can he do better than Khairuddin to attract investors?

The real reason many Malay MPs visit Saudi Arabia just before Raya is so that they can perform their umrah or get special dispensation to pray at some holy sites. Remember, Ramadhan is the most holy month of the Islamic calender.

Last month, Mahiaddin aka Muhyiddin aka Backdoor PM visited Saudi Arabia and was granted special access to many holy sites.

At the end of March, early April, the Religious Affairs minister, Zulkifli Mohd Al-Bakri and his entourage travelled by private jet to Saudi Arabia. Now it is Azmin Ali and geng’s turn.

How many other Malay MPs visited Saudi without the rakyat knowing? How many millions of ringgits did each trip cost? Zulkifli claimed his trip was paid by the Saudi Arabians – this is bribery and corruption.

The people in Zulkifli’s entourage, acted like “Kera dengan bunga” (Monkey with a flower).

They were seen fiddiling with the knobs on the reclining sofas, swivelling the chairs, reclining them like little children would, with a new toy. They fiddled with the knobs on the bed in the plane, knobs on the tables, potty seat and more.

Why didn’t they press the button that said “Eject”? That act would have pleased Malaysians no end

Anyway, why do many of these Malay MPs, visit the holy land during Ramadhan? They are there at our expense.

They lie through their teeth and claim the trip is to draw investors or discuss trade, or in Mahiaddin’s and Religious Affairs Minister’s case, to discuss Haj quotas. Why didn’t they use zoom?

In normal everyday living, Malay/Muslim politicians want to drag us back to the stone ages, and with modern techonology like Zoom, they are suddenly averse to using such devices. Tapi guna jet? Why not camels?

Each Malay Cabinet minister could have saved the rakyat millions of ringgits for the trip.
During the Coronavirus pandemic, ministers ignore the rules about social distancing.

Actually Azmin, Mahiaddin and Zuklifli are in Saudi Arabia for a jolly at the holy sites.

Just compare PN and BN ministers

PN ministers frequent Saudi Arabia so that can keep their Taliban ties sweet.

Umno-Baru/BN ministers frequent London or New York, the shopping capitals of the world, to keep their wives sweet.

Umno-Baru MPs only go to Saudi Arabia when a scandal breaks, like the 1MDB saga (involving the felon Najib Abdul Razak and the ex-FLOM, Rosmah Mansor), or the Cow Gate aka National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal (Cow Woman) or money laundering allegations (almost all of Najib’s former Cabinet) or allegations of molesting a minor (Shahidan Kassim).

The ministers go around Christmas so that they can go Christmas shopping and stay for the New Year sales. Also, they need to take their spoilt brat children for the end-of-year school holidays.

To justify these study trips, the convicted criminal, Najib and his ministers, would fly first class to the cities. Their wives must be kept happy. The trip will be for a week. Enough retail therapy for the wives, but they have no worries at all, because the credit card will have been paid for by 1MDB

Back home, the Opposition parties would almost always demand to know why they went and how many millions were spent on these shopping oops…study trips.

So, to justify these trips, the ministers would arrange with the High Commission to arrange a “meet-the-Malaysian-students session” and organise a makan.

The High Commission will prepare a spread consisting of nasi lemak, chicken wings, noodles, char kway teow, nasi briani, curry and sayur campur, sirap bandung, followed by kueh mueh.

So, students are happy, They have free makan and can take selfies with their favourite MPs.

Who else is happy?

The caterers are happy. THey can charge what they like because deals with the High Commission fixers have been arranged.

The visiting MP is more than happy. His wife has a free trip for shopping. She does not have to meet the students so she can spend more hours shopping.

His children are happy. Another foreign holiday to boast to the their school mates on their return to school.

The aides who accompany the ministers are happy. They can tell the folks back home….”Aku ke London, jumpa Queen.”

The hangers-on in London are ecstatic. THey will have ferried the mems and their children around for shopping. They can invoice the High Commission whatever they please. Malaysian taxpayers will foot the bill.

MAS is happy. The airline will carry all the oversized suitcases crammed with shopping. No-one is worried about the excess baggage charges, because the taxpayers will pay.

The captain and ground crew supervisor who arranges free excess luggage, may receive a gong….in the New Year honours list or similar. These days, one does not have to pay for Datukships. One simply authorises excess baggage on the plane. It’s that simple.

Shops in London (or New York, Monte Carlo or wherever) are happy. The mems will have spent millions of pound sterling, USD or Euros. Londoners are too pokai to spend.

The only person who is unhappy is you. The taxpayer.

Now tell me. Was Azmin’s Saudi trip worth it for you?

All he’s doing is making videos he can use for GE-15. He wants to show Malays, that he is suci (pious) and a good Muslim.

Jangan Percaya!

(NB: A work of fiction inspired by true reports)

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  • Zaid Bin Ag Seman says:

    I am not happy. Not at all.
    LTL DSAI is PM9. Inshaallah.

  • Steven says:

    Nothing new really. I have found that the Malay/Muslim leaders are mainly hypocrites.

    I have never trusted those who act pious.

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