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Sack him!! Sack the Taliban preaching mufti

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Sack the Taliban preaching cleric, the Perak mufti, Harussani Zakaria.

Who is responsible for his appointment? The state? The MB? The sultan?

Isn’t he already past the age of retirement?

The man is contemptuous. He invites ridicule everytime he opens his mouth.

Now he is criticising the Tunku’s brainchild , the National Monument (Tugu Negara), the memorial where we honour those who sacrificed their lives to defend Malaya/Malaysia.

Harussani is an odious man, who said that statues are haram  in Islam and that taxpayers’ money spent on beautifying the parks around the National Monument were a waste of money.

He is possibly right about the money being spent like this, but then, did he say anything about 1MDB and the RM4.6 billion, which was allegedly spent by “Malaysian Official 1” on anti-ageing creams, gems, shopping trips, buying favours etc?

Did Harussani criticise corruption, and abuse of power? Did he criticise the police for deaths in custody? Did he say anything about money politics? Or did he look the other way?

Clerics like him bring shame to Malays and Muslims. Clerics like him make the young question the mufti’s warped version of Islam.

So, what is Harussani’s qualifications? A three month stint at a university does not suddenly make him God’s gift to religion.

Remember the following?

Harussani made serious allegations about Malays being baptised in a church in Silibin and caused a near riot as Malays surrounded the church to stop the conversions/baptism.

Instead of being prosecuted (you and I would have been slapped with a string of charges including sedition) he was shielded and escaped scot-free. His knuckles weren’t even rapped.

He pissed off football fans, when he said that wearing jerseys and shoes with the cross or the devil were haram. He was forced to make a U-turn.

He banned the poco-poco dance because the dancers were performing a Christian ritual. What a fool! The dance can be performed in the Selangor side of Tanjung Malim, but you’d get into trouble if you did it in the Perak side of the town.

He said that any Muslim doing yoga is performing Hindu rituals.

He said that wives must not refuse their husbands if the husbands demanded sex, even if they were on top of a camel.

Now, he and his equally obnoxious deputy, Zamri Hashim, want statues demolished.

Sarawakians, be warned. Do not allow Harussani and his deputy to order the demolition of the Cat statue in Kuching.

Penangites! Guard the Francis Light statue.

The people of Menglembu, a famous peanut-growing area of Ipoh, should take care. The statue of the three groundnuts at the roundabout in Menglembu township, is at risk.

Kedahans, defend your eagle statue.

When will this stupidity end?

These men can never appreciate the famous works of Picasso, Henry Moore, Michaelangelo’s statue of David, or the Statue of Liberty.

We do not need the Taliban or Daesh (IS) to destroy our country. We have the likes of Harussani and his deputy, to do utmost damage.

God save Malaysia from these idiots!

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