Sarawak State Election 2021: Business as Usual or A New Hope?

The Sarawak State Election could be more of the same for the people of Sarawak. Then again, it may be an unexpected gamechanger. Whatever it is, be the first to cover what our panelists have to say.

Here’s a preview:

“GPS’s shameful sham election will kill Sarawakians…”
Clare Rewcastle Brown – Journalist, Editor of Sarawak Report & Founder of Radio Free Sarawak

“The remarkable feature of this state election is the presence of parties that openly promote the secession of Sarawak state from the federation…”
James Chin – Political Analyst & Professor at University of Tasmania

“Indigenous peoples and local communities are critical to biodiversity conservation, and democracy must go beyond ballot boxes…”
Peter Kallang – Sarawakian Activist & Chairman of SAVE Rivers Network

“This election disenfranchises Sarawakians – the winner will be elected by less than 30% of voters.”
Kenneth Chai – Educator, Stemtrooper & Founder of Parti Aspirasi Sains (pending registration)

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