Saudi may impose a possible haj ban on overseas pilgrims. So, is the ban the real reason for the flurry of activity by at least three ministers (& their entourage) to visit Saudi?

Mahiaddin aka Muhyiddin Yassin claimed that his visit to Saudi Arabia in early March, was to discuss trade and haj qoutas. Zoom would have done. So, how much trade did he attract?

Weeks later, the Minister for Religious Affairs, Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri, flew by a fully paid private jet for him and his entourage to Saudi. Zoom would have saved a lot of time and money. What do they care? Not their money but the rakyat’s.

Minister for Not-Sure-What, Azmin Ali, also flew to Saudi with his entourage ostensibly to discuss trade and attract investors. All these trips and nothing to show for them!

Apart from a possible oil palm deal, (I have not seen any figures yet) who are the other investors? Wayang or more bluff?

Instead, we saw Azmin religiously mopping the marble floor of a mosque, then we saw him prostrate so low in front of the guardian of the prophet’s tomb, and later, we saw him returning without any baggage….perhaps, he had another private jet to carry all his buah kurma and air zam zam and whatever else one buys in Saudia Arabia to give as souvenirs to the folks back home.

Azmin returns, and soon after, we receive newspaper reports that Saudi Aabia is contemplating a ban on overseas pilgrims.

SO. the zillion dollar question is did these three ministers, know about the possible ban on the Haj pilgrims?

Armed with this snippet of information, did these ministers rush to perfom their umrah before the Saudi’s ban came into effect?

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