Scaredy-cat! Chicken! We didn’t think Rosmah would show up for her trial. Her laywer said her condition was life threatening. Apparently, he had consulted Doctor Google! Revoke her bail and hold her on remand.

Disgraced Rosmah Mansor, the wife of equally disgraced Najib Abdul Razak, failed to present herself at the Kuala Lumpur High Court this afternoon, on the first day of her corruption trial.

Rosmah has wasted enough of the court’s time, and also ours. She invited contempt when she was the most powerful woman in Malaysia, but her last minute illness, to avoid going to court, has only increased our ire.

Her bail should be revoked, and she should be held on remand. If that is the only way she will be made to attend court, then so be it. 

She is copying her hubby and his lawyer, by using the Medical Chit (MC) excuse to avoid going to court. Najib’s lawyer even dragged the family dog into the deception.

If Rosmah is avoiding court, then we want to know why. Is this an admission of guilt?

Her MC was dated 2 February. The timing of the MC is suspicious. It was written on the day before her trial.

Moreover, her MC was signed by a private doctor.

If one has to attend court and in a high profile case like this, her MC should have been certified by a government appointed doctor.

People who have stolen food, like tins of milk powder to feed their children, were ordered to be held on remand, and then have to appear in court, at the appointed time. Why not the former FLOM?

Perhaps, if Rosmah had committed a serious crime, like the theft of a tin of sardines from a supermarket, the judge would have had no compunction in ordering that she be held on remand.

How many times, will this family use the sickness trick to avoid the court and the public? She cannot be allowed to take the rakyat for a ride anymore.

When Rosmah’s husband was prime minister, she was very powerful. Newspaper editors feared her. It was alleged that they had to print “good” news about her and her hubby. Reporters and editors who were foolish enough to print the truth, were severely reprimanded, perhaps even sacked.

At the height of disgraced Najib’s (and her) powers, private jets were laid on for her. Today, she can’t even make the short trip from Jalan Duta to the High Court complex.

Her counsel, Jagjit Singh, told the court that Rosmah was sick.

He handed a copy of a medical report dated 2 February to the judge, Mohamed Zaini Mazlan. 

Jagjit said that Rosmah’s condition was life threatening, after consulting Doctor Google

The lead prosecutor, Gopal Sri Ram, read a portion of the report which said that Rosmah complained of dizziness when lying down in a “wrong” position

I think that this should not affect her court appearance as she will be standing in the dock.

Some of us suffer from dizziness, but that does not stop us from our daily activities.

Gopal Sri Ram then read another bit which said that Rosmah has suffered from cervical spondylosis and osteoarthritis of the knees for the past few years. 

Most of us, especially  if we are morbidly obese and those who are over 40, suffer from dodgy knees; but we soldier on. More auta.

Najib and Rosmah’s strategy is to try and delay the trials for as long as possible. 

They will attempt to delay the judgement until GE-15, when they will use their old Umno-Baru tactics and their new bed-fellow, PAS, to make Pakatan Harapan lose.

If they manage to do this and Pakatan loses, Umno-Baru-PAS-BN will erase all of Najib and Rosmah’s corruption charges, and wipe the slate clean.

Enough is enough. 

Revoke her bail.

Hold her on remand.

Drag her to court, in a wheelchair, if her knees are too dodgy.

Rosmah has wasted enough time, and taxpayers’ money. The rakyat is fed up of waiting.

The judiciary is too soft with the Najib-Rosmah-Shafee trio, and delays only make the rakyat angry.

Pakatan cannot interfere, but the judiciary will have to pull-up their socks, because they are on trial here.



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