Selena Gomez should sing Nasyid to get around PAS bans

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Selena’s performance at Stadium Melawati in Shah Alam received extra publicity, when PAS Youth objected to her sexiness and sexy performance.

To get around the bans by PAS and conservative Muslims, international artistes like Selena Gomez should sing nasyid songs only.

Requirements for foreign singers.

  1. International artistes and performers, who wish to continue to entertain their fans in Malaysia, should sing only nasyid songs.
  2. Make-up is not allowed unless halal cosmetics are used.
  3. Backing singers should be all of the same sex.
  4. The singer should cover-up and be dressed modestly.
  5. The musical focus should be on the kompang and rebana.
  6. Male fans should be separated from females, and the only beverage allowed should be sirap bandung.
  7. A dress code must be strictly enforced. Hijabs are ok, but a purdah is better.
  8. Night performances should have a break for night prayers.
  9. The moral police should be on standby for any hanky-panky.
  10. The start and the end of the performance should be blessed by a well known cleric, perhaps, Hadi Awang, the PAS president, or Harrussani Zakaria, the mufti of Perak.


It is not the first time PAS Youth has voiced their opposition to sexy artistes or gay performers, like Elton John.

A relative said, “I watched Elton John sing at Genting. It was one of the best things that has happened in my life. I was reminded of my youth. I felt young again. I love him.”

She and her Malay friends, whose ages range from thirty to seventy, claim they are typical Malay; they pray five times a day, eat halal food, a few are Hajjahs and all are married with grandchildren, except for the youngest who is still forging her career in the music world.  The remarks from conservative Muslims and PAS did not bother them.


Concerts by famous international musicians, are frequently opposed by PAS Youth. Gwen Stefani and Avril Lavigne, were  forced to cover-up, to perform in Malaysia.

At a Black Eyed Peas concert, in 2009, the critics targeted the organisers, Guinness. The Communications Ministry stipulated that beer should not be served to Muslims. Only non-Muslims were encouraged to  attend.

Hilarious experience

A few years ago, one man helped in the organisation of a PAS event in Kelantan. He was amused by the strict performing guidelines in the state.

Most stringed instruments were not allowed, and guitars should not be held above shoulder level, as some rock guitarists are wont to do. Drums were fine, whilst the rebana and the kompang were perfect.

This man tried to tell the PAS representative, that few young people would be attracted if these were the only instruments played. The PAS man insisted that he knew best.

In addition, women could not mingle with male actors on stage, nor could they assume male roles.

The reverse was also true. Men could not play women’s roles.

This event planner said, “It was hilarious. We tried to explain that  you cannot have a play where only men, or only women, perform. We tried to compromise, and have a male play a woman’s role, and project a female voice onto the stage.

“They objected. In the end, we scrapped the event.”

Selena singing Nasyid is a winner

Artistes make money and also generate a lot of income, for the country, in which they perform.

If foreign singers were to sidestep Malaysia, and perform in neighbouring countries like Singapore, Thailand or Indonesia, we would lose out.

Who knows? Selena singing nasyid songs may pick up a new following of conservative Muslim fans.

Rebuilding Malaysia

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    its all about envy and jealousy. The story of mahsuri rooted from the same ill thinking of a man’s jealousy for not being able to have her 🙂

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