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Seven Questions Malays Should Ask Their Leaders.

Yin urges the Malays, to ask their leaders the seven questions below. He is right…and we should demand answers from our leaders. Don’t let them shuffle off with just a mumble. 

  1. How come after 60 years we are still behind the other Malaysians?

Are we stupid or are you – our leaders –  that after over half a century you have still not got it right?

The Malays in Singapore are by and large better off than us yet they do not have Bumiputraism. Why not learn from them?

The wealth gap intra the Malay community is much wider than that of the other communities. We have super rich Malays while most of us struggle to make ends meet.

Are these rich Malays so much cleverer or more hard working than us?

Or is it because they have used their positions and connections to enrich themselves at our expense?

  1. Would it be true that if  “affirmative action” is based on needs  and not on race there will be more for us poor Malays?

After all since the rich Malays can afford to support their children’s education why are they taking scholarships?

Every place they take means one less place for a poor student.

And how does giving us discount on buying shares help us. Most of us cannot understand the stock market and even if we did, we have no spare money to play the share market. This benefits the rich Malays but not us.

Same for housing we can only afford one house if at all, while the rich can buy many. 

Now if house purchase discounts were given strictly on the basis of needs and not race, then perhaps house prices can come down because of the lower holding cost for developers. This will benefit us.

3. You keep telling us the Chinese are our enemies; that they steal from us and that if not for you we would become extinct.

How did the Chinese steal from us and how are they going to make us extinct? Explain.

Are you not using them to scare us so that we run to you?

  1. On Education: Why are even our fellow Malays leaving the National Schools and going to Chinese Schools? Are they telling you something?

Why is religion so much an element in our schools. Should we not have more time on subjects that prepare our children for the workplace – to cari makan?

And if as you keep telling us that we have the best education why are you sending your children to private schools and overseas universities? Why are our universities ranked so low?

We want good public universities led by good vice chancellors; we don’t care about his race. Yet you play politics with our children’s future by not appointing the best, but using race as a criteria.

  1. To our Religious Leaders: Why is the Islam practised in many Islamic countries more liberal and open than ours? Words you forbid the infidels to use are used openly by non-Muslims even in Arabic countries.

I hear that in Indonesia there are siblings of different faiths in the same family. That a Muslim can marry a Christian without either converting from their religion.

Explain Al Baqara 256: There is no compulsion in religion.

And why do you think we are we so weak in our faith that we can be so easily  confused, or influenced by the sign of the cross, or Christians celebrating their festivals that you forbid us to even convey our festive greetings to them? Or not allow them to enjoy their Oktober Fest as we consider it haram. Who are we to impose our beliefs on others. How did we become so intolerant?

Why is it that you make a fuss of how our women (or other women)  dress and trivial matters like that; yet you close your eyes  to the corruption that goes on? You say nothing about how our leaders have cheated us.

Has your silence been bought by the fat pay you get?

  1. You scold us for being lazy and call us useless – that we cannot walk without a tongkat. Yet you keep pushing the tongkat on us. Why?

Is it to keep us dependent on you? Are you afraid that if we can think for ourselves and stand on our own feet without you we can make up our minds what is good or bad?

  1. Why do the older generation Malaysians get on so much better with each other and we do not? Is it the school system?

Is it the less extreme and more tolerant Islam in their day? My grandmother did not wear a tudung yet she is a good Muslim. My grandfather sat in the coffeeshops with his Chinese and Indian kakis and no one made a fuss.

Have you brainwashed us to hate the non-Malays?

I do not care about race; and religion is a personal matter – between me and Allah. I do not want to be used as a pawn to further your own selfish agenda. All I want is a good job and peace and harmony. I want a good education for my children so that they too can have a bright future.

I look at our Malay brothers in Sarawak and Sabah and envy them for their racial harmony and how they enjoy each other. My grandfather tells me that we were like that once. I want to be like that again.

It is not the non-Malays who do not want to mix with us. It’s us who want to be exclusive and that works to our detriment.

Don’t play racial politics with our lives so you can divide and rule, and enrich yourself at our expense.

You can fool some of us all the time and all us some of the time, but you cannot fool all of us all the time.

Explain why you have failed after 60 years of trying.

(The views expressed are those of the contributor)


By Yin, 

Letters from Ward 5, Tanjong Rambutan


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