Shahidan Kassim’s alleged sexual molestation case has been dropped. The Complainant backed out! He is discharged. Girls be warned!

The Arau MP, Shahidan Kassim, and formerly Mentri Besar of Perlis, Shahidan Kassim, who was on trial for allegedly molesting a teenager, was granted a discharge not amounting to an acquittal, . 

The reason?
His complainant informed the court of her wish not to pursue the matter.
Was she threatened or pressurised?
Was her family paid off?
If they are allegedly guilty of accepting a bribe, then they should be prosecuted.
To recap: Shahidan had been charged with allegedly committing a physical sexual assault on an underage girl.
Remember how he claimed the girl had to come to him, because he could NOT walk. He was in his car and alone with the girl at 11.30 pm.
Why could he not see her in the day? In a more public place? In front of other people?

Shahidan ran off to Mecca

Even as he claimed to be unable to walk, Shahidan ran off to Mecca. He must have known he had done something stupid and wrong. Otherwise, why run away?
He chose Mecca, to give the impression that he was a good Muslim and whatever that entails in some simple minds.
For everyone’s information, when Umno-Baru MPS and politicians get into serious trouble, they run off to Mecca, and tell the ignorant rakyat that they are good Muslims and they are there to seek salvation and because only God believes them unlike those awful humans who accused them of theft/sexual abuse/molest/corruption (take your pick!). 

Witness statements

One witness,  a music teacher at the Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Salang, Arau, Azhar Hassan, 49, who is also the DSSK Buskers manager, told the court that the group was performing in front of the Tuanku Syed Putra Stadium when Shahidan arrived in a Toyota Harrier at about 11.30pm and parked nearby. Azhar approached the car and beckoned the girl over. 

He said, “After being in the car for two to three minutes (the driver and assistant were not in the car), she left and walked towards a canopy where her mother, father and a younger sibling were watching the buskers performing.

“I suspected something happened between the girl and the accused when her father suddenly wanted them to go home after being informed about something by his wife, but I did not see or hear their conversation”.

Shahidan then gave him RM300 and left.

Another witness, Adzleen Junaira Mohd Nasir, 27, who is the wife of a member of the group, told the court that she saw the 15-year-old girl hurriedly leaving the Toyota Harrier. The girl visily upset as she told her mother what had happened in the car.

She said, “I also heard the father say ‘I will go to DSSK’s house tonight’.”

At 3 am that morning, this witness and her husband, Saiful Anuar, accompanied the girl’s family to lodge a report at the Kangar police station.

The complainant withdrew the report at 10am on the same day.

Shadhidan is tight lipped after the court’s decision. 

After today’s decision, Sessions Court Judge Ainul Shahrin Mohamad ordered that Shahidan’s bail be refunded.

Meanwhile, Shahidan refused to comment on the court’s decision. 

“I am fasting. I am a Muslim and I respect the decision,” he told according to Berita Harian.

Why even mention that he is a Muslim, and is fasting. Again, he is trying hard to portray himself as a pious man

If he had been found guilty, the charge, under Section 14(a) of the Sexual Offences Against Children Act 2017, provides for imprisonment up to 20 years and whipping.

How to fight for justice for girls?

How can we ever get justice for girls, if people keep withdrawing their complaint or changing their minds? Something must be done about this, to protect the victim, to ensure justice is served? 
Remember the case of an Indonesian maid who was allegedly raped by a minister almost a decade ago. The scandal died down for no apparent reason and some people had allegedly claimed that the victim’s brother had built a new house etc. There were also threats that the victim had allegedly been threatened.
Or a former Chief Minister of Malacca, who was also guilty of rape of a minor. Her grandmother sought the help of Lim Guan Eng to get justice for the girl, and Lim ended up in prison for his efforts.
Is this another case of failed justice? Who wins in poor versus the rich? The rich have money, thugs or people in power, to help influence matters in their favour.
The poor can just suck on sand and enjoy breadcrumbs.
The only consolation we can find from this is that the case has exposed Shahidan and warn other girls to steer clear of him.


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