Shahrizat’s hubby is trying to wriggle out of the NFC scandal. A back-room deal with a back-door gomen to back-stab the rakyat again. No! No! No!

Remember the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC), which is owned and controlled by the disgraced husband, Mohamad Salleh Ismail, of the disgraced former Wanita Umno-Baru chief and former Minister for Women, Family and Community Development, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil?

Today, Salleh wants to do a deal with Muhyiddin’s illegal backdoor government. (Below is the photo in today’s 8 March report in Malaysiakini)

The theft of RM250 million of taxpayers’ money…yup…rakyat’s money, was exposed when former Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli stumbled across the scam and conjob, by the NFC. This is typical Umno-Baru style. Rob the rakyat to fund the family’s expensive lifestyle.

The money is kacang putih (peanuts) by Umno-Baru standards. Remember Adnan Mansor, the wannabe “prince” from Acheh and his insult that RM2 million is mere pocket money to him?

That is Umno-Baru thieves for you. They take your money, then they kick you in the teeth.

The RM250 million was supposed to help set up a national beef valley in Negri Sembilan, and assist our local cattle farmers. Amongst other things, the plan was to reduce our imports and dependence on foreign beef, like the shortage and high prices, we must endure during Hari Raya. (We like our rendang at Raya).

Rafizi exposed the company for using the money to buy luxury condominiums, holidays and travel and giving inflated wages to the family.

With this illegal backdoor government in place, Salleh today issued a statement that the NFC had made the repayment proposal since November 2018 but it was not approved by the then Pakatan Harapan government.

According to Malaysiakini, Salleh did not detail the nature of the proposed repayment plan. We also know that last June, the former PH government had sued NFC to recover the entire outstanding sum.

Salleh said, “I hope the attorney-general and Finance Ministry will be fair and just in giving us an opportunity to settle the outstanding loan”.

What do you think?

I say “NO DEAL. No! No! No!”

Guess what? Muhyiddin Yassin, was the agriculture minister during the time the NFC was set up. Presumably, he gave the go-ahead to approve this project.

No wonder he is quiet about the NFC. No wonder Salleh and Shahrizat will be badgering Muhyiddin to tutup kes…end of story…so all of them can continue to rape and plunder the nation.

No! No! No!..We do not want any more back room deals

Every sen must be returned, WITH FULL INTEREST and all the main players charged for Criminal Breach of Trust.

The main players, are Salleh and their children. At the height of the scandal, it was alleged the children ran off to New York. Tahu pun malu!

Shahrizat claimed she was not aware what her hubby and children were up to. Do they (hubby and wifey) live in the same house? Are they not aware what the other is up to? Must be such a big house that their paths hardly cross? Perhaps, they do not sit down for Sunday meals and discuss things, like most ordinary families do. Perhaps, they are busy counting their money in the vault in the basement of their mansion!

What do you say, Malaysian rakyat?

This NFC farce has gone on for far too long.


Click on Photo of Muhyiddin for the link to the NST article

Conveniently Muhyiddin said, “I cannot remember…It’s been too long.”


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