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Support hisham

If you are interested in Malaysia’s future and democracy, please join the solidarity gathering for Hishamuddin Rais tomorrow at 09:oo hrs, Monday May 16 at the Putrajaya Court of Appeal.

The likelihood is that the appeal by the government will be upheld and he will be imprisoned for 9 months.

Joining other caring Malaysians in this public show of support for Hishammuddin, is our way of telling Najib Abdul Razak that he cannot win and he will not win.

Let us fight this Sedition Act, the tool which Najib uses to silence and intimidate us. If we do not fight it now, how can we face our children and their children.

Hisham is going to prison for us. For speaking out on our behalf. For highlighting the abuse of power, the corruption, and robbing us of our many freedoms.

Please show solidarity for Hishammuddin. Creactivist. Social activist. Playwright. Philosopher. Stand-up comic. Comedian. Writer. Cook. Animal lover. But most of all, a true friend.

They can take away Hishammuddin’s body and throw him in prison, but they cannot cage his mind.

Hundreds and thousands of Hishammuddin Rais disciples will rise up.

Salute to you, Hishammuddin, the Malaysian who dares to speak the truth.

Hishammuddin, the man Najib fears!



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