Single mother is whipped, fined and jailed for prostitution. Her ex who did not pay her a sen is not punished. The man who paid for her sexual favours is also freed. What justice are you talking about?

There are many disturbing facts about the single mother who was caught selling sexual favours, during a raid on a hotel in Terengganu.

Her irresponsible ex-husband

The single mother was forced into prostitution, BECAUSE her ex-husband had not paid any maintenance for the child and  he had not paid any alimony.

He divorced his wife when their baby was only a few months old. Their child is now seven.

The client

The woman’s client was allowed to go free. The woman is dragged to court and her sentence includes six strokes of the rotan, a fine and a jail sentence.

A syariah court system which lacks compassion

What sort of compassionate Islam is being practised in Terengganu (and in the rest of Malaysia)?

Where are the howls of protest from the other state muftis, the people of influence in society, the people who are in charge of Islam in their respective states, the politicians and the MPs? 

What are they afraid of? Why are they allowing this injustice to continue? 

Missing NGOs

Where are the NGOs in Terengganu to come to the assistance of this woman?

Do they not want to help her because she was selling sexual favours? 

Are they afraid of the backlash by Muslim men (and women), who would prefer the woman to be humiliated and go through more suffering?

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Spare her daughter

The single mother’s humiliating treatment will psychologically harm her daughter. Society will further condemn her, through no fault of her own. What sort of system also punishes the daughter? There are two victims in this sorry episode.

Federal law 

Why is syariah law taking precedence over whipping of women in Malaysia? Get rid of this two tiered system of justice, which denies the woman her rights.

Missing legal representation

This is not the first time, that women have not been given any advice (or that is the impression we receive)  on legal representation. Why not? Is it because she has no money to pay legal fees? Is it because the lawyers are pitting themselves against the state and it would be like banging their heads against a brick wall?


One news report said “The judge, when reading out the charge, expressed disappointment with the woman for not showing any remorse throughout the proceeding.”

Mr Judge, try and put yourself into her shoes.  She has an ex-husband who failed to give her alimony. A child who needs feeding, clothing and schooling and a roof over their heads. It is easy for you to claim that the woman showed no remorse. 

What happened to compassion in Islam? Do reach out into your heart!

The Ministers who are missing-in-action. Are they distracted by PD?

What has the Minister for Women and DPM to say about the whipping of the single mother? We were not impressed with the garbled statement about child marriages. What now?

What about the Minister in charge of Islamic affairs? Where is his intervention?

What about “that: very important person-in-waiting? What is his take on the single mother issue? Before, he was taking-up all our causes. And now?

Are the ministers being distracted by the side-show in Port Dickson? 

Shame on all of you MPs (for the lack of support for this single mother and for the tardy response over the child marriages)!



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  • chng kooi seng says:

    Even high ranking malays have problems of divorce and marrying 2nd/3rd wives. A high ranking heart surgeon bashed his wife because (apparently) she refused to give permission for him to remarry. Apparently she made great personal sacrifices for the sake of her husband and children. She gave up her professional career to care for husband and children. And all she got was her husband wants to dump her. So no permission and got bashed up. Sad case. But this happens in Malay society and they don’t complain about it. When you ask them for opinion, they will say “it can also happen to you”, so just keep quiet.

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