So, who are the 1st and 2nd Class Pendatangs?

Only the Orang Asal are true bumiputras.

Malaysia is comprised of four sorts of people.

The Orang Asli and natives of East Malaysia are the original bumiputras.

There are Malays and also Second-Class Pendatangs (SCPs) or non-Malays.

The First-Class Pendatangs (FCPs) are the wannabe Malays, from Indonesia or India. They acquired rights and privileges which are not accorded any other group in Malaysia, and these politicians appear to be immune from prosecution.

The FCPs are further subdivided. The arrogant, elite FCPs are those who were born with a silver tongkat (crutches). Every five years, the elite FCPs remind the Malays, that they are still poor, because the SCPs have taken their jobs, their land, and will soon rob them of their way of life, their religion and will destroy their race. With breath-taking stupidity, the Malays believe the race-baiting of the elite FCPs.

As we approach 2021, Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s pipedream of Wawasan 2020 has vaporised, the felon, Najib Abdul Razak, still roams free, Zahid Hamidi harbours dreams of a political comeback and allegedly corrupt senior FCP politicians have been granted full acquittals or Discharge Not Amounting to Acquittals (DNAAs).  

This is the first difference between a FCP and a SCP. The FCP can become prime minister, deputy PM, or MB. SCPs have to be content with becoming a Chief Minister, MP, or a cabinet minister, but only with the FCP’s consent.

The second difference is that FCP politicians have no integrity. They openly defy the laws on quarantine and bend other laws to suit their purpose. Parents must have a nightmare bringing up children because the FCPs fail to set a good example.

The third difference between FCP and SCP politicians is that the FCPs are prepared to break the law with impunity. 1MDB and the supply of migrant labour are two examples of greedy FCPs dividing the spoils of the nation amongst themselves, their family members and cronies.

One Chinese from Ipoh said, “My family have been in Malaysia longer than some of our politicians. I am 9th generation and I consider myself nothing but Malaysian. We have always made our own living and didn’t have government help. It’s sad  how politicians are now practising a kind of apartheid.”

There are many other fields in which the SCPs are unfairly treated, such as education, sport, creativity, jobs and the security services.

Even if the SCP were the most patriotic Malaysian, the system will deny him this privilege. I have friends whose fathers were in the armed forces, but many were sad and frustrated when junior Malay officers leapfrogged over them for promotion. Many SCPs migrated. We lost many good men and women with valuable contributions to make to Malaysian society.

Last month, a few Malaysian expats made news for excelling in their respective fields. A former policeman, Sam Lim, from Muar, migrated because his career prospects in Malaysia were poor. In Germany, Penang teenager, Celine Chuang, is training with FC Bayern in the U-17 women’s team.

At one Bersih rally, a few university students told me that at secondary school, they were very good at sports, but their coach said that their inclusion in the school teams would exceed the racial quota for their particular race.

Teenagers who juggle their training with their studies and work hard, both physically and mentally, to be the best in a sporting field are thoroughly demoralised, when in the end, they lose out to politics.

Any Malay who dares to veer off the Ketuanan Melayu track is termed “liberal”, which is considered to be bad. Pretty Malay girls cannot enter beauty contests and Malay gymnasts and models often get criticised for wearing clothes that are revealing.

In the creative field, film directors, like Namewee, are hounded despite their underlying message, that Malaysia could be a better place for all, through unity. Namewee’s latest film, “Babi”, is about anti-racism and yet, FCP politicians want to make political hay, to gain potential votes, by criticising Namewee.

Are SCPs condemned to a life of being overlooked in their home country? Must they migrate to realise their dreams?

Whilst Malay parents keep shouting out “special rights” and affirmative action policies, the parents of SCPs will tell their children, “Keep quiet, don’t complain, study hard and earn lots of money. Don’t rock the boat.”

It is this attitude of surrender, that compels many ambitious SCPs to leave.

Should we blame MCA and MIC for playing second fiddle to Umno, in the early years of nation building? Working hand-in-hand with Umno, they plundered the nation and wrecked many generations of Malaysians, with their master-and-servant relationship.

I, and many others, are prepared to accept a PM who is SCP, whether he be  man or woman, Muslim or not. We should build on our similarities, instead of emulating the FCP politicians who thrive on race and religious baiting.  FCP PMs have failed us time and again. Meritocracy should matter, more than who you know.

If the three female DAP politicians want to make a difference, they should source a new Harapan leader, or go for it themselves. I would happily support any of them. We need an Opposition leader whose past does not bear the taint of BN. The new leader should have the courage to say what the nation must hear, and not what some Malays want to hear.

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Steven says:

    The nons should consider migrating. If not for themselves, do it for their children.

    I don’t see institutionalised racism improving. The nons are a nuisance to be tolerated. People like Hadi wish the whole of Malaysia be filled only with Malays/Muslims. Others are tolerated as a favour and cannot hope or expect fair treatment.

    Just listen to the malay politicians talk only of malay unity and never malaysian unity.

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    What class, including no-class, do you call those “original”/bummies, 2nd Class pendatangs, and whatever other class, who had the brown stuff liquidised inside and outside them out of sheer terror when posters of great (original Chinese) commie Mao Tse Tung were discovered beautifying a restaurant?

    For me, it doesn’t matter one bit whichever class, most of us of whatever class would call those poor quality wonders who overreacted a pretty useless over-emotional hysteria-prone bunch of Malaysiaboleh cheap kampong comedians, champions at disgracing Malaysia, and disgracing their true brown pedigree.

    I’ve heard of contempt for paper tigers, but it is a laugh and a half, our finest pedigree, top dogs, suprême racial specimens of Malaysia’s finest terrorised out of their absolute lack of wit by paper Mao Tse Tungs!

    Still, we must be cautious our citizens not end up embracing cardboard cutouts of the great ex Chinese commie chairman, we have a history of our folks hugging and fondling those of women in petrol stations!

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    and wrecked many generations of Malaysians, with their master-and-servant relationship”

    Ain’t the DAP volunteering themselves and lining up their best *rsel*ckers to be the new generation and replacement servants to the masters?

    Ain’t the best of the DAP spending good time showing and doing their best at being holy backside-smooching coolies to the dying zombie Snake Pharaoh?

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    In other words, Mariam, I won’t be backing those yesterday’s failed old maids of the DAP.

    Enter politics, Mariam, Malaysians who genuinely care about the country will vote for you.

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    “the three female DAP politicians”

    These, and all those worshipful members of the Cult of the Snake Pharaoh should do Malaysians à little favour and die.

    The Lim Lynasty and the DAP more than proved itself inept, ineffectual and glorious running dog lickspittle, spent nearly all of its recent year plus with their heads lodged up the dark tunnel holy butt of the subcontinental lying snake.

    Well and truly the minion wannabes at the disposal of the Snake Pharaoh should be disposed of by the voters, they are already old maids in the fast and changing and challenging world even of Malaysian longkang swamp politics.

    The old maids proved themselves useless and worthless to Malaysians (udder than the Snake Pharaoh), no more chance needs be given to these yesterday’s comics when there are plenty others who can all too easily replace them, fill their roles – and, I might add, vastly better looking too!

    Where’s the understanding of maths, a bigger political party having to so desperately for the love of any god suck up so religiously and embarrassingly to a tiny inconsequential party with next to no support from the Malays?!

    The Cult of the Snake Pharaoh is a dud dead bet of the Lim Lynasty and DAP deadbeats, any punter with even a half-awake mind would tell you there’s no future with a zombie snake or his half-dead die nasty!

    The lame Lim Lynasty, the DAP (with its dumb dames, snake cult members, and witless “evangelicals” and opportunists – and closet racists) have grossly squandered public trust, it’s only a matter of a short time not only the Malays but also the Chinese and Indians will shaft it – and the Limbo Lynasty upside down.

    Never mind those old maids in the DAP, the DAP has to have a thorough purge, get rid of the non-performing Lims, the fcuking evangelicals, and the grinning closet racists still stabbing the Malays in the backs by inciting Chinese chauvinist support to survive.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      In other words, Mariam, I won’t be backing those yesterday’s failed old maids of the DAP.

      Enter politics, Mariam, Malaysians who genuinely care about the country will vote for you.

  • Apa lagi Cina mau says:

    What we need is the equivalent of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution wherein the right to bear arms and form malitia against the tyranny of the prevailing government is protected by the constitution.

    I will then legally have an automatic assault rifle when some Melayu monkey dares to wave his rusted keris at me. If fact the SCP have the resources and the expertise to form a formidable militia force against the Nazi Melayu. We may not achieve ultimate peace but at least we don’t have to suffer the humiliation of having the knees of Melayu on our necks.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “I will then legally have an automatic assault rifle when some Melayu monkey dares to wave his rusted keris at me.”

      Son, don’t talk with your arse.

      If you are Chinese (or Indian), let me impress upon you, the Chinese don’t have the little one testicle to do anything with a voting slip, let alone hold a teaspoon in a shaky defence of anything.

      Chinese in Malaysia make a hell of a lot of noise complaining, grumbling, groaning, moaning, slagging away and cursing (always privately and quietly) but they are playing out their kiasu and kiasi nature – and by now, their genetic make-up.

      Malaysian Chinese, other than flaunting their borrowed credentials ie China’s ascendance, and Taiwan, HK and Singapore’s success, have absolutely nothing in their basic coolie, peasant, and mine digger mentality to find anything to put the five s’en where their big mouth is.

      That’s a predominant reason why Chinese elsewhere despise Malaysian Chinese. We often hear our banana half-baked and half-witted “Chinese” threatening others with “China’s wrath”. The truth is China doesn’t think much of Malaysia’s “Chinese”.

      If our “Chinese” are half-awake, they should notice China treats Indon, Thai, Philippines, and other Chinese differently…

      Our moron Chinese like to crow about their mythical and delusional nonsense China would come to “save” them should our kiasu and kiasi types be harmed. China’s oft-stated position is our Chinese are not China’s Chinese (though China sings another tune about other Chinese).

      Malaysian “Chinese” also like to harp about China being deferential to a certain Chinese with some kind of clout with China, during our palm oil crisis, there was a pile of pure bollocks about this “Chinese” supposedly capable of sorting out China’s refusal to buy our (and his’) palm oil.

      The sad truth was China didn’t give the sh*t about this Chinese at all – not unlike having told the Snake Pharaoh earlier China was no “debt trap” and to fcuk off.

      Frankly, I don’t China wants much to do with our “Chinese”. Other than making some very general obligatory noise about being kind to “your” nationals of “ethnic Chinese extract”, China steer clear of anything to do with our kiasu and kiasi types – you think China can develop itself importing our “Chinese” when told to balik Tanak Orang Asli? You think China can survive with our big bunch of medal-winning whining machines?

      Long ago, we had those Chinese at least with the quality, right or wrong or even more right to challenge the status quo, be those the angmohs or their lackeys. Those Chinese, with tiny bands of brothers of all races even had bathroom pipe pop guns to confront those whose faces they didn’t like – and even removed them from the planet.

      These days, we have two categories of Chinese, one that tie up with the corrupt in gomen, and have a jolly wonderful life. The others cannot get anywhere and can only indulge in noisily making inconsequential noises that are chauvinistic, delusional, and occasionally “defiant” in posturing from a safe distance.

      So, Son, try not shoot your little dcik off with your “automatic assault rifle”, play computer games less, go out and win over some “Malayu” and work along the line of being band of brothers and doing proud for your country – together.

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