There are some things money can’t buy. Like Manners & Patience. Aren’t you fed-up with Datuks getting into fights & punching people? Now they fight over where the helicopter is parked. Just jail them.

Datuks with too much money and nothing between the ears.

Datuks fighting again! This time it was not over a SYT (sweet young thing)

It was NOT even about the steamboat meal

It was NOT over who should have paid for the meal.

It was NOT because one had dented the other man’s car.

It was NOT over being noisy .

It was over a piddly chopper (what the Ibans call a belon wap-wap) which was parked in the porch

This is the excerpt from the article in the papers.

What a waste of police time and resources. Two men – one a Datuk and the other a Datuk Sri, were involved in a fisticuffs last night.

It was NOT over a girl, or who paid for the meal, or if the other was staring at his wife or daughter, or if the other had scratched his car, or being noisy over a steamboat meal, or if the queue at the checkout was too long.

It was over a parked helicopter.

Here is the video of the datuks arguing over the helicopter parked in the Datuk Seri’s porch in Puchong.

If you know Hokkien, you will hear Latuk-Sri telling the other, “Me parking the helicopter here is none of your business. You are only a Datuk, don’t be arrogant.”

This morning the Serdang district police chief Razali Abu Samah said, “I went to his house (the man with the helicopter) this morning and everything is alright.

“They are friends who were drinking last night and it was just a misunderstanding.”

Datuks get into the news for the wrong reasons.

A few days ago, a Datuk from Kelantan threatened to split his wife’s head with a knife.

Here is the link.

What do you think about Datuks?

Do you think the honorific should be abolished?

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • mgeo says:

    This is not just a national problem of titles. It is global, and arises from corrupt and blood-stanined wealth. Neo-liberalism, usury, privilege, unearned income, corruption, secrecy and imperialism are all linked.

  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    We can think about writing a book, maybe two, there’s just no end of uncultured, barbarian behaviour that our savage monkeys with titles can’t get into.

    Malaysiaboleh is filled up with really low-class uncivilised monkeys who try to enhance their lack of class and massive inferiority complex with titles that are usually bought with hefty sums of money.

    With the civilised most would keep quiet about any title they have, but with our longkang wonders, they simply must scream out loud their “enhanced status”. And, what’s more, they will get into fights to make sure they are respected for their status bought with hard-earned money or money from shady operations.

    A good number of our titled earn their money through corruption, and our gomen rewarded them for that with titles.

    Sure, there are those who got their titles through arse-liking and goolies carrying, you often see the monkeys standing as close as possible to politician monkeys with position and power.

    Unless our low-class garbage politicians can be minimally smart to see that, they are as much arseholes as those they gave titles to.

    Titles don’t for one moment help those with gross inferiority complex, those with massive insecurity, and those with inadequacy. But then, with barely any intelligence, our pathetic monkeys wouldn’t know what fcuking embarrassing morons they are.

  • Sukdave says:

    All of us known of the 7 deadly sins!!!
    Greed , Lust are now playing 2nd fiddle to ENVY.
    When there’s Envy, EMPHATY flies out of the window.
    End of being human.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “All of us known of the 7 deadly sins!!!”

      I don’t, actually, is that something from the bible – which is arsew*pes for those with faculty for critical thinking. Or is that from some comic book the intelligent ignore but, as usual, Malaysians treat as holy garbage?

      Those clown turds do not need to “sin”, they just need to be arseh*les. And that, many Malaysians are gifted from birth by being products of arseh*le parents, mostly.

      Those two embarrassing walking lumps are not the only monkeys to blame, Malaysia is itself a vulgar and sick society where titles are worshipped not just by the inferior but by our nodding society of crawling monkeys!

      Look at the bright side though, the behaviour of the titled monkeys makes it pretty worthless to have titles. All the public need say to those titled monkeys is: are you same as those two cave monkeys?

      Haha, Malaysian style “class”, a fcuking “helicopter” parked in the same space as for a bike or a kid’s plastic Ferrari! And in a fcuking lower middle class neighbourhood!

      Next door is so freaking close you can park a chair in the “helicopter” shed, watch the neighbour’s TV, save a few kiasu sens for electricity!

  • Cili masak merah says:

    The two datuks are really low class, and ruffians.
    They prefer to fight, than reasoning….just like gangster.

    Revoke the datuk title, for both of them.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “… They prefer to fight, than reasoning….just like gangster.”

      Careful there, à lot of Malaysian gangsters are actually educated, some with university degrees, therefore capable of “reasoning” – unless, of course, they have Malaysian degrees.

      And not too few gangsters are without datuk etc titles.

      Most successful gangsters have operations linked to our corrupt politicians who invariably are the ones who gave the titles.

      Gangsters may scare some people, but the gangsters are the ones nicely protected by law enforcement,and cannot be got at by the public.

      Not all gangsters are automatically “bad”, some are Robin Hood of sort, they give plenty to charities. Gangsters just do not have those criminal operations like banks, stock exchanges, etc.

      Some gangsters launder money, and give out loans with the money from bent politicians and crooked businesses.

  • Alvin says:

    I am embarrassed to live in the same neighborhood.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      You should be embarrassed to live in Malaysia, the whore of Malaysian neighbourhoods are filled up with such titled arseh*les !

  • hazaha haris says:

    …tak heran lah, not surprising lah, they just follow the pe’el/perangai whoever conferred them the ‘latuk, latuk-sli’ships…hehehe

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