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There are some things money can’t buy. Like Manners & Patience. Aren’t you fed-up with Datuks getting into fights & punching people? Now they fight over where the helicopter is parked. Just jail them.

Datuks with too much money and nothing between the ears.

Datuks fighting again! This time it was not over a SYT (sweet young thing)

It was NOT even about the steamboat meal

It was NOT over who should have paid for the meal.

It was NOT because one had dented the other man’s car.

It was NOT over being noisy .

It was over a piddly chopper (what the Ibans call a belon wap-wap) which was parked in the porch

This is the excerpt from the article in the papers.

What a waste of police time and resources. Two men – one a Datuk and the other a Datuk Sri, were involved in a fisticuffs last night.

It was NOT over a girl, or who paid for the meal, or if the other was staring at his wife or daughter, or if the other had scratched his car, or being noisy over a steamboat meal, or if the queue at the checkout was too long.

It was over a parked helicopter.

Here is the video of the datuks arguing over the helicopter parked in the Datuk Seri’s porch in Puchong.

If you know Hokkien, you will hear Latuk-Sri telling the other, “Me parking the helicopter here is none of your business. You are only a Datuk, don’t be arrogant.”

This morning the Serdang district police chief Razali Abu Samah said, “I went to his house (the man with the helicopter) this morning and everything is alright.

“They are friends who were drinking last night and it was just a misunderstanding.”

Datuks get into the news for the wrong reasons.

A few days ago, a Datuk from Kelantan threatened to split his wife’s head with a knife.

Here is the link.

What do you think about Datuks?

Do you think the honorific should be abolished?

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