Spare us the agony Hadi, and just join Umno-Baru

The Power Couple
PAS president, Hadi Awang does NOT represent the aspirations of Malaysians in the post Nik Aziz Kelantan and post Anwar Malaysia. He is a time-waster, an Umno-Baru stooge and is untrustworthy. Not convinced? His misogyny. His denials about a unity government. His Hudud Bill. Need some more reasons? Read on.
PAS members are abandoning the party. If the party members cannot get rid of Hadi, they should persuade him to join Umno-Baru.
But you know what? The more switched-on members of Umno-Baru will refuse his membership, because he is a divisive character. If Hadi joins Umno-Baru, the remaining Malays may also abandan Umno-Baru. And then, Umno-Baru will disintegrate faster
Here are 10 reasons why Hadi must go.

What Nik Aziz once said.

The late PAS spitirual adviser, Nik Aziz Nik Mat, called Umno-Baru a party of “great liars” and insisted that “we learn from our mistakes”. He said, “Umno is like the cat, it will pounce, take and then hide with its booty.”
Last September, Pengkalan Kubor PAS operation committee director Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Abdullah told reporters, “Nik Aziz said he will spit on anyone who calls for a merger with Umno-Baru. And he said if anyone still want to, then wait for him to die first.” (sic)
Is Hadi listening?

Hadi, the martyr.

With Nik Aziz gone, and Hadi’s friendly rival Anwar Ibrahim, the Opposition leader in Sungei Buloh prison, Hadi is a “free” man and able to steer PAS, to his liking.
Hadi would like to be kicked out of PAS. He would gain enormous sympathy, Umno-Baru will champion him as the Malay and Muslim martyr, and blame DAP for Hadi’s removal.
On the other hand, if Hadi voluntarily left PAS to join Umno-Baru, Malaysians will say, “We told you so! Hadi is responsible for many Pakatan and PAS problems.”

His track record.

Hadi cost Pakatan both votes, and states. He is a one term Mentri-besar of Terengganu (2003-2008) and under his leadership, PAS ignored the rumbling of discontent because Kedah was being mismanaged, by the ailing and out-of touch PAS MB. Hadi’s role in the Selangor Kajang move betrayed his true credentials.

Hadi sounds more like an Umno-Baru politician.

Hadi said that DAP’s desire to hold local elections could lead to more 13 May riots. He said tension would be created because of “the gap between villages and towns”. His claim that kampong Malays, estate Indians and indigenous people will be sidelined, are indications that he is out of touch with the people.

Hadi’s fear of women.

In the “Kajang move”, Hadi initially said that Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s sex was not an issue, but a month later claimed that Wan Azizah was unsuitable because she lacked qualifications and was weak.
When he addressed a group of Malaysians in London, a few months later, he said, “Women do not deserve to be MB or even a Prime minister.”
Hadi’s outrageous comments alienated a lot of women, and men. Women comprise 50% of the population and also the electorate.

Hadi’s mixed messages.

We hear enough about Najib Abdul Razak flip-flopping, on many issues. We do not need another politician with similar traits. Hadi’s poor leadership and the mixed messages coming from his party machinery, are confusing.
In the  “Kajang move” of 2014, PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali claimed that Wan Azizah’s nomination as Mentri Besar was not rejected because she is a woman. A month later, the PAS ulama wing said that Wan Azizah had been rejected “…because of her sex…”.

Hadi is not a team-player.

When PAS was part of the Opposition coalition, Hadi’s continual absence, from crucial Pakatan meetings, strained the relationship of PAS and its coalition partners. The responsibility to make important joint coalition decisions, rests with him, and not his representatives.
His arrogance showed when he said, “it is up to me whether I will attend. I am not a schoolboy. We’ll see first…”

Reality vs religious rhetoric

Hadi’s insistence to push hudud laws in Kelantan is damaging. Not all Malays want hudud and he should demand a nationwide survey to see if hudud is acceptable. He is also acting against the interests of his own coalition partners with respect to hudud.
His MPs are out of touch with reality. A PAS MP said that the floods in Kelantan were an indication of God’s wrath and that, “It necessitates the perseverance of the Kelantan government to implement hudud laws.”

Avoiding painful truths.

Kelantan wants to punish Malays who do not attend Friday prayers. There are more important issues, like high levels of incest and drug use among the Kelantan Malays. The sex and drugs trips across the border. The high incidence of HIV/AIDS among housewives who have been infected by their husbands. The wives who are abandoned and left as single mothers by their polygamous husbands.
In addition, will Hadi deal with the allegations of unregulated logging in the interior?

Playing into Umno-Baru’s hands.

Both Umno-Baru and PAS are at their weakest points in their party’s history and anxious about waning support from Malays. Whilst Najib works his charm offensive on Hadi and Kelantan PAS, the Umno-Baru ministers keep denying talk of a “unity government”.
Has Hadi’s ego been massaged to the point that he believes Umno-Baru’s lies that he is the hero of Malay unity and Islam? Nothing could be further from the truth. Sad man!
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