Stop the people who want to alter the Constitution of Malaysia

Msian flagsPlease sign the petition (link at bottom of this page) to stop the people who allegedly want to alter the Constitution of Malaysia………..The truth is……You love your country, but things are getting from bad to worse, that you are contemplating leaving Malaysia. In your heart, you are reluctant to go.

You are despondent. Malaysia is your home, the only one you know; but…

…you cannot be sure your children will get a good education,

…you wonder if you will be persecuted for your religious beliefs (even if you are Muslim)

…you do not know if the women in your family will reach their true potential, and

…you are fearful of the rise in human rights abuses, the apparent lawlessness, and increased prejudice.

You look around you and it is not the Malaysia that your grandfather and father had so many amusing stories to tell you.

Sure…things were not perfect in the past, there was poverty, but there was no outward racial and religious intolerance. People were more caring, more tolerant and full of hope. Hope today, seems like a forgotten word.

Today, the people you were led to believe had your interests at heart, are the ones who do not care. They are full of empty promises.

Worse is that there are allegations that some of them may attempt to remove some of the provisions of the Constitution. This will deny justice to certain parties.

If they are successful, this would shake the foundation of our nation.

We cannot allow that to happen.
We cannot allow the sovereignty of our nation to be destroyed.

A petition has been started by Tariq, the grandson of arguably the best Prime Minister Malaysia did not have, the late Tun Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman ( ).

The petition will be sent to the King, the Council of Rulers, the PM, the Opposition leader and MPs.

We want them to hear our concerns about our country’s future. Malaysia’s greatest asset is its people. We are urging our leaders, to uphold and protect the CONSTITUTION of the Federation of Malaysia.

It is not much to ask you to sign this petition. We want stability, peace and a solid future for Malaysia based on our many strengths.


For petition please go to:


Rebuilding Malaysia

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