Harry Tan, the sec-gen of the NUTP, went on the defensive and was victim blaming. His position is untenable. Parents and students should take this issue further. Saying sorry after being slammed on social media is not good enough. Resign

Arrogant. Toady. Pillock. Sycophant. Contemptuous. Dysfunctional. Self-serving. Spineless. Childish. Wannabe politician. These were some of the choice words used by a few Malaysians, to describe Harry Tan, the secretary-general of … Continue Reading →

Education Minister, Radzi Jidin, why are you silent about the teacher who joked about rape? The teenager who exposed him has now received a rape threat from a fellow student. Radzi should be sacked! He is incompetent, ineffective & clueless; but he is one of Maihaddin’s best performers!

Three days after 17-year-old Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam highlighted rape jokes made by a male teacher at a Kuala Selangor school, she has since received a rape threat from her … Continue Reading →