Today, Muhyiddin said that he is focussed on Coronavirus because the rakyat is sick of politics. He is wrong! We’re not sick of politics, but we are sick of corrupt politicians, Muhyiddin’s back-door politics, treachery, incompetent MPs, & the way Muhyiddin hides behind the Coronavirus threat to consolidate his power.

Does Muhyiddin want to make a difference? The problem with Malaysia is the rakyat. We don’t question enough. We rarely scrutinise. We are happy to accept politicians’ answers at face … Continue Reading →

We rely heavily on food imports. We don’t need a war to show the precariousness of our food supply chain, because the Coronavirus pandemic is doing just that. Successive Umno-Baru governments ignored the nation’s food security. Tell your MP the solution…

We don’t need a war to show the precariousness of our food supply chain. The Coronavirus pandemic is threatening our food supply, and the rakyat will soon experience real hardship, … Continue Reading →

Mr Health Minister? Are you aware that Malaysians are given wrong information, they are fleeced by private hospitals and given the runaround. The Coronavirus risks spreading further because people are reluctant to seek treatment. I have many stories like this here. Do something quick!

Mr Health Minister, the Malaysian rakyat is scared and worried. They see you giving a demonstration about drinking tepid water from a glass and they are NOT impressed. Starting from … Continue Reading →