Muhyiddin’s hypocrisy & double standards must cease. Would the politicians who flouted the MCO have been investigated if not for the rakyat’s condemnation? Where is the compassion when a single mother is jailed for 30 days, but the politicians are only fined and the Terengganu MB escapes scot-free?

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the majority of the rakyat has, by and large, adhered to the rules, but Malaysian politicians who openly defy the strict conditions, just show that they … Continue Reading →

Today, Muhyiddin said that he is focussed on Coronavirus because the rakyat is sick of politics. He is wrong! We’re not sick of politics, but we are sick of corrupt politicians, Muhyiddin’s back-door politics, treachery, incompetent MPs, & the way Muhyiddin hides behind the Coronavirus threat to consolidate his power.

Does Muhyiddin want to make a difference? The problem with Malaysia is the rakyat. We don’t question enough. We rarely scrutinise. We are happy to accept politicians’ answers at face … Continue Reading →