A day in the life of a normal Malaysian student: Teacher makes lewd jokes in class. Student reports teacher. Teacher sues student for RM1 million…& whilst all this is happening, the Ministers for Education, Women & Youth are in cloud-cuckoo land.

Pull your finger out, Ministers for Education, Radzi Jidin, Women, Family and Community Development, Rina Harun and Youth Minister, Reea Merican, and do something about the teacher who allegedly cracked … Continue Reading →

The Department of Education must have known about the “period checks”. The DoE pretends to be clueless & will probably blame the checks on ‘rogue teachers’. So, where is Women Minister, Rina Harun’s (& Education Minister Radzi Jidin) directive to the schools to end these checks? Expressing shock alone is NOT good enough.

The period checks are not just sexual abuse. They are also about control, fear, shame and trust. Religion is used as an EXCUSE to commit wrongdoing and brow-beat the girl … Continue Reading →