THANK YOU to everyone who turned up for BERSIH 5


THANK YOU to everyone who turned up for BERSIH 5, wherever you are in the world. With your help, the prime minister, Najib Abdul Razak, should get the message that he must step down, or be sacked or risk being unceremoniously removed from his post.

Individuals like you, make things possible. Your selfless loyalty and love for Malaysia will see us through, in the end.

You know, as I do, that just going on one march, is not going to do the trick. Removing tyrants from power, is not an overnight process.

We may have battled the cold or the rain in cooler climes, or the heat and dust in other places, but in Malaysia, they have the Red Shirt thugs, the police and their tear-gas, water cannon and batons, and worse of all, the agents provocateur, who are dispersed throughout the crowd, to cause trouble and then blame it on the peace loving rally-goers.

We had no violence this year, but we did enjoy reading about the scuffle between the Red Shirts amongst themselves…wah kah kah

For those who keep harping on that Bersih is not successful, how do you explain the fact that several roads leading to Dataran Merdeka were closed. KL was in a virtual lock-down situation.

Najib is scared of BERSIH 5. That is why you saw the arrests, the threats to the students, the civil service and also the Friday sermons warning Muslims that going to protests is against Islamic teachings. Jakim has gone potty. How does Jakim explain the Indonesians, a nation of 200 million people, most of them Muslims, going on protests…..Is Jakim claiming that people who follow their brand of Islam are better Muslims?

Finally, thank you to all those who worked hard, behind the scenes. Without you, none of this would have been possible.

It is not enough that Najib goes Umno-Baru too, has to be got rid of.

Now, our task is to free Maria Chin. She was detained under SOSMA. Please help me do this.









Photo Credit: K Wong

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