THANK YOU for helping to make the “Bersih and G25” talk a success

Bersih and G25 flyerTHANK YOU everyone for making the “After Bersih 4, what is happening to Malaysia” talk, a success.

THANK YOU to Maria Chin Abdullah of Bersih and Dato Noor Farida Ariffin of G25 for sharing with us, their views on taking Malaysia forwards.

If you did not manage to get your question asked, please FB message me or email me, and I will attempt to get an answer from either or both of the guest speakers.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, we will gladly welcome them.

If you have any suggestions for guest speakers to address Malaysians, in London, that is also welcome.

Our aim is to open minds, stimulate discussions, even over sensitive subjects and we aim to learn from everyone who has a useful contribution to make.

It is all about Malaysia and the type of country we want to leave behind for our children and their children. We cannot do it without you…


Rebuilding Malaysia

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