Thank you Najib for visiting Sandakan (next time bring FLOM)…Your visit helped DAP’s Vivian Wong win the by-election…Pakatan is on the up again!

Congratulations to DAP’s Vivian Wong! 

…and to disgraced Najib Abdul Razak, a big thank you for visiting Sandakan. I am sorry I told you off on my Facebook page, for visiting Sandakan. 

Your visit helped Pakatan win. Next time, please bring your spouse, the disgraced, former self-styled First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM), Rosmah Mansor. 

Please remember this Najib. Don’t ever  forget that people are angry about your corruption, theft of rakyat’s money, irresponsibility and abuse of power.

We salute the people of Sabah who have rejected Umno-Baru, PAS and PBS.

Sabah Chief Minister, Shafie Apdal

Snippets: Sandakan by-election

Here are some snippets about the by-election, from the political analyst, Andrew Ong, and reporters at Malaysiakini.

The contest was between DAP’s Vivian Wong, Parti Bersatu Sabah’s Linda Tsen, Hamzah Abdullah, Sulaiman Abdul Samat and Chia Siew Yung. 

Vivian secured a bigger vote share and a bigger majority than what her father Stephen Wong achieved in GE14.

  • There was most likely a swing in Muslim votes towards DAP. 
  • DAP achieved 70.2 % of the postal votes, and 40% of the early votes.
  • The true Sabah Bossku, Sabah Chief Minister, Mohd Shafie Apdal, campaigned hard in Muslim-majority areas and helped secure a win. 
  • DAP won every one of the 17 voting districts in Sandakan.
  • The percentage of older folks who voted was more than for younger folks indicating that many Sandakan youths no longer reside in the area, or were not motivated to vote. 
  • Vivian secured 74% of the vote and a 11,531 majority over PBS’ Linda Tsen, the closest competitor.

Muslim voters came out strongly to support DAP

Shafie thanks voters for Vivian’s victory and that the victory is an endorsement of his government. He said, “This victory is a victory of the people as well as an endorsement of the Warisan-led government.

“The win is also a very clear indication that Umno no longer has any effect on the Muslim voters who this time around have come out very strongly in support of the DAP candidate.” 

Shafie promised to guide Wong and make frequent visits to Sandakan to implement development projects. He also credits DAP, PKR, Upko and Amanah for Wong’s victory.

Stephen and Vivian

Wong pays tribute to her late dad

At a press conference, Vivian said, “First thing I’m going to do is to visit my father’s grave tomorrow and personally thank him,” she says at a press conference after being declared the by-election winner.

“Without him, I am not able to sit here to talk to all of you. He groomed me to become the person I am today, a strong young lady. Winning today is not just a win for myself, but for my father.”

She expresses her gratitude to Shafie, all those who helped in her campaign and her voters.

The official score

Hamzah Abdullah (IND) – 788

Sulaiman Abdul Samat (IND) – 126

Vivian Wong (DAP) – 16,012

Chia Siew Yung (IND) – 178

Linda Tsen (PBS) – 4,491

Spoilt votes – 234

Turnout: 54.44 percent

Vivian Wong

Rebuilding Malaysia

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    Sabah people knows what to do. Once we ousted Usno than the infamous Berjaya than PBS than Umgok .What else we can’t.

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