THANK YOU to everyone for supporting us at AMBIGA’s talk

11909753_10153441024375944_1762326158_nTHANK YOU to everyone, Malaysians and foreign nationals who love Malaysia, for participating in Ambiga’s talk on Sunday 23 August 2015.

A special thank you to Ambiga, who gave up her holiday time, to be with us.

Also, special thanks to Safwa our new law graduate, for her views on how students can contribute towards making Bersih’s aims come true.

Special thanks to Jude for his opinion, on Bersih 4, as a Malaysian professional working in London.

Another special thanks to Farouk Peru, Islamic scholar and columnist, for co-hosting Ambiga’s session with me.

Thank You to the London Bersih team, Sharmin and Karis for their kind advice and enthusiasm. A whopping £700 was collected from fund-raising for sale of London Bersih T-shirts which Ambiga to present to Kuala Lumpur Bersih team.

Thank you to the people,  who contributed their time, and energy to make Ambiga welcome.

Thank you to members of the Monsoons Book Club, for making the event possible, for their help and generosity of spirit.

We hope all of you enjoyed the talk, loved the London Bersih souvenir T-shirts and the “mixing and mingling” session with Ambiga.

Ambiga has expressed her gratitude, hopes she has answered all our questions satisfactorily, and hopes that you will take part in Saturday’s Bersih 4 rally, in force, in front of the Malaysian High Commission in Belgrave Square.

This is the final push and the one which we hope will make Najib et al, notice us, listen to our concerns, vacate his seat and leave the governance of Malaysia to more capable hands.

THANK YOU everyone for sacrificing your Sunday afternoon.

See you next Saturday, for THE RALLY of the year….

Take care and best wishes to you…

(NB: The process of good governance continues, with or without Najib.We will continue to hold more stimulating talks, and discussions with Malaysians whom we feel can be the catalyst for change in Malaysia. Open our minds, challenge and be challenged, is our guide.)

Please leave your comments or email if you have ideas about who (Malaysian or not) you would wish to give a talk.

Please also say how you think we can improve or consider any of your suggestions.

PHOTO CREDIT: Ms Karis Wong, my fellow creactivist


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