The authorities drag their feet and um-&-ah when it comes to punishing corrupt politicians, BUT it’s speedy justice to punish Malaysians who vent their frustrations at their leaders, via social media or online papers.

Today, the Federal Court set 13 July to hear contempt proceedings against news portal Malaysiakini and its editor-in-chief Steven Gan over comments posted by readers on the website.

Why is the PN administration afraid of readers comments?

Stop punishing and taking away our right to free speech.

Perhaps, if the PN gomen and its apparatus started to do things properly, and stop making a mockery of the law, then Malaysians may finally take them seriously.

Two sets of rules exist. One for them, one for us.

Najib Abdul Razak‘s trial is halted because his lawyer’s son had a wedding feast. His trial was again postponed, because he has to take part in the canvassing for a by-election. Do you think the court would be so lenient with us?

When ordinary members of the rakyat broke the strict lockdown rules, for a variety of reasons, the law came down hard on them.

But when Perikatan Nasional (PN) politicians visited areas outside their constituencies in open defiance of the law. They endangered not just their health, but also the health of others whom they mingled with. They made a mockery of the law.

Incredibly, the Senior Minister, Ismail Sabri Yaakob denied that  Deputy Health Minister, Dr Noor Azmi Ghazali and Perak state executive councillor, Razman Zakaria, had breached the MCO. He claimed that they had merely breached the standard operating procedure (SOP) governing movements.

Zahid Hamidi’s daughter proudly boasted she had paid visits to ministers during the lockdown.

It was only when the public reacted with outrage at the politicians and their children’s action, that the law finally acted to investigate these cases.

If we did not know or had not kicked up a fuss, these politicians would not have been punished.

Then we had the ridiculous and unconscionable conduct of the you-know-who with disgraced Najib’s stepson, Riza Aziz, being given a Discharge Not Amounting to an Acquittal (DNAA) for his RM1.08 billion laundering role in the 1MDB fiasco.

Riza’s DNAA will protect the maruah of the infamous Malays. The message to all Malaysians is “Crime does pay.” He need only return a fraction of the rakyat’s money that was stolen. No jail, no hand-cuffs, no orange-suit.

When it comes to criticism of PN, Muhyiddin Yassin’s gomen wants to make an example of Steven Gan and Malaysiakini, to warn us not to criticise.

If they are successful, then other editors and newspapers will also fall.

Stand-up to bullies. Don’t allow them to take away our rights to freedom of expression.

Several journalists, whose job it is to report have been summoned for questioning.

Please support Steven and Malaysiakini.

We cannot allow PN to harass us. We are not a police state.

Rebuilding Malaysia

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  • isaloo says:

    The divide and rule
    It has come to roost
    With the coup government
    Afraid to lose

    We mustn’t be cowed
    We mustn’t give up our rights
    We mustn’t give up our free speech
    We will not get it back if we surrender

    The coup government must be kicked out
    It mustn’t be allowed to stay longer
    It isn’t our choice in our votes
    The duplicitous traitors stole our mandate

    We must stand up to our Constitutional rights
    We mustn’t allow the bad to run us down
    The old way of divide and rule returns to haunt us
    We have to make our stand for the light

    Now will Anwar stop being obstinate?
    He should realize what is happening
    He should support the majority decision
    He can have his day in GE15

    If Anwar can’t see it
    He can’t be the leader we hope he is
    He has lost his way dreaming
    Reality bites us every day

    The divide and rule
    Walking to our doors again
    And Anwar is still dreaming
    He doesn’t see reality on the score

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