The banned article. MPs who do not need Tongkat Ali

PAS and PN MPs should stop drinking the water in Kelantan.

After a few gulps of Kelantan teh tarik water from the pipes, the men cannot even look at a nurse or air stewardess in uniform, without feeling lurvvvv. Naik stim

The water will also get women in the mood for loving and give men the kind of raging erections that would make a porn star blush.

That is why the teh tarik water problem in Kelantan has not been resolved.

It is not because there is no money or no funding or no competent water contractors. The real reason is PAS and PN MPs will not allow it to happen.

Viagra, Tongkat Ali and other seks enhancers. PAS and PN MPs do not need these stimulants. They get their daily dose of aphrodisiac from the Kelantan water.

Below is the article that was banned.

The MPs who don’t need Tongkat Ali

PAS/PN MPs have an unhealthy obsession with the female body. Their men and women MPs may exhibit misogynistic tendencies, because when they see a woman, they go berserk and their imagination  runs wild

When some of them see a woman, especially one in uniform, they proceed to disrobe her metaphorically, then dress her in baggy garbs so that she does not appear attractive to others.

These MPs want women to conform to the strict Islamic dress codes; but this ‘excuse’ is a red herring.

The dress excuse is actually about control. It’s about keeping women  in their place, and out of power.  The PAS/PN MPs are also guilty of harassment.

The adult is shaped by the experiences of his childhood. PAS/PN MPs make good laboratory specimens. The revulsion shown by PAS/PN MPs, triggered by the sight of a woman in uniform shows that he should seek treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Perhaps, Malaysia should be included in the Guinness Book of Records for being the best Muslims in the world and if foreigners are not already aware, some Malays consider themselves to be God’s chosen people.

Our clerics urge us to do things that will earn us brownie points with God and fast track us to heaven. One of the methods is to treat women as second class citizens or mere objects.

One of the possible reasons Hadi Awang, the PAS president rejected Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as Selangor Mentri Besar is so simple. On judgement day, he can tell God that he did his bit to stop a woman from being a leader and have power over men.

If others wanted proof of our piety, they should look at the increase in syariah compliant businesses in the country. This is an indication that Malays, in Malaysia, are more pious than the generations of Muslims before them.

In its simplest terms, a syariah compliant service/product/activity means that the item is based on the principles of Islam and according to syariah law.

Being syariah compliant for businesses and the provision of halal  items is not just taking Malaysia by storm, because it is now bordering on the verge of absurdity. Not just in the country, but in its parliament too. We should thank PAS and PN MPs for making us the laughing stock of the world.

We have halal lifts, halal trolleys, halal water, halal eggs, halal vegetables, halal wi-fi, and halal smartphones!

In 2007, Proton had plans to make an Islamic car whatever that entails. Perhaps, the engines stop dead and the car grinds to a halt when it is time for the driver and his passengers to pray.  

We had syariah complaint airlines, we will soon have syariah compliant flight schedules, and now, it looks like we may soon have syariah compliant uniforms.

There are many things about the airline industry or airline company that should be addressed. However, the deputy Minister for Transport, Hasbi Habibollah, said that his ministry would consider rescheduling flights to ensure they do not clash with Muslim prayer times. Why can’t he get his priorities right. He should consider issues like safety, punctuality, carbon footprint, or compel airlines to issue refunds promptly when the airline cancels or delays the flight.

Most people who are admitted to hospital, want to be treated by a nurse or doctor. Top of their list of priorities is that the medical staff is qualified, communicates well or has a good bedside manner, and is competent. Their professional knowledge is most important.

However, PAS or PN MPs think and see differently from the rest of us – the ordinary Malays/Muslims and kafirs.

Why do PAS/PN MPs have a fixation with the woman’s body? If it’s not nurses, it is stewardesses. The latest MP who acts like his body is on permanent heat, is Wan Razali Wan Nor, the PAS MP for Kuantan.

In a debate on the Health White Paper in parliament, he wanted the dress code for women nurses to be relaxed.

He complained that many women nurses’ uniforms were too tight and not syariah-compliant.

Wan Razali may have said that the tight clothes outlining the nurse’s body failed the syariah test. What he actually meant was that he was weak willed and could not trust himself looking at a woman’s body. He would never admit that he and his ilk only see women as sex objects.

Men like him belong to a medieval, misogynistic past. He would blend well with the Talibans of Afghanistan. Even Saudi Arabia is slowly relaxing its rules on women.

Prime minister Anwar Ibrahim must undo centuries of brainwashing and misogynistic teachings directed at the Malay, if Malay women are to realise their full potential.

In 2016,  the Perak deputy mufti, Zamri Hashim, warned Muslim husbands not to be weak and irresponsible, but to control their wives and daughters, otherwise they (the men) would not go to Heaven.

A typical bully tries to control others, humiliate them and modify their behaviour. Actually PAS/PN MPs are religious bullies.

We must all stand up against these bullies. Oppose and reject PAS and PN MPs.

Rebuilding Malaysia

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