The best FT minister for business, productivity, education and hospitals.

With daft ministers like Shahidan Kassim, the people who have to manage businesses, education and hospitals must want to give up and go into a corner and just cry.

This career politician, whose reputation was trashed by his night time meeting with an underaged girl in his tinted SUV one night to discuss …music….is just wasted space. Press this link here, to read more about him.

Shahidan is the Federal Territories minister. He defended the impromptu public holiday he declared for Friday, 3 December, with his proud boast that many people on Facebook supported his move.

Is it any wonder, Malaysians…and that means Malays and non-Malays find him daft, clueless, and a waster of taxpayers’ money because we PAY his wages/

With ministers like him, the MARUAH of the melayu is tarnished in one fell swoop

Shahidan announced the holiday after Kuala Lumpur City FC (KL City FC) won the Malaysia Cup for the first time since 1989.

He said, “If I go to Facebook right now, a majority of people living in the federal territories will support me over the holiday that was given to them.”


If we win a major international league tournament, will we have a month long holiday?

Melayu tengin macam ini lah yang memburukkan nama orang Melayu.

Fortunately, he has not given plots of land to the players and officials of the PERAK FC who won a major football match against Terengganu a few years ago. The clueless Ahmad Faizal Azumu, gave the players and officials land which the vegetable farmers of Chemor and Chepor, just outside Ipoh, had tilled the land for at least four generations.

Perhaps, he will give plots of precious KL land to these players. Perhaps, the players and officials should demand part of the RM100 million plot of land which the convicted criminal, Najib Addul Razak demanded last week.

These daft politicians have no idea about thinking holistically. They only think “popularity”

The new official government policy must be based on Facebook “likes”. FB likes decide policies that are good or bad for the rakyat.

Ministers like him do NOT think of the interests of the rakyat

Factories will be in a mess. Workers will say there’s a holiday. Customers will say, where’s my order? Has it been completed? Is it being shipped today?

Businesses will want to stay open, but do they have to pay holiday rates which in some cases are 1.5 times the normal rate of pay

Hospital surgeries will be postponed yet again. It’s bad enough that Coronavirus has disrupted many schedules

Examinations will have to be rescheduled. For those who just want to get their exams out of the way, will have extra stress. THose who are not fully prepared, will welcome the extra day’s revision

Doctors appointments will be postponed too. Coronavirus played havoc with their time, not ministers are a worse threat than the Coronavirus

Fortunately, the BANKS are fighting back against a daft and clueless minister who decisions are based on Facebook likes. Other industries should follow suit.

Ismail Sabri has a brilliant method of choosing ministers.

Those who are brillinat at ampu bodek and FB likes

In the past, we had ministers who used sorcery and black magic to help make decisions. Today, is it a combination of FB and bomohlogy?

When will the rakyat throw people like these daft Umno-Baru and PAS ministers out?

Perhaps, the rakyat is waiting for things to hit rock bottom and build from scratch?

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Winston says:

    Cik Mariam, I think that making excellent comments or suggestions will not change anything in this country.
    What is needed, really needed, is action to implement those suggestions or ideas.-
    I think that what we have now are lots and lots of long-past-use-by-date politicians who are hogging posts which should be held by dynamic, vibrant and capable young technocrats, both male and female, to advance the cause of Malaysians and vastly improve their quality and standard of life!
    Perhaps you can galvanise the right people to start the ball rolling.

  • James 007 says:

    Yes. He will get a lot of support and Likes. But inly from lady buggers and loafers. And parasites.

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