The biggest obstacle to a progressive modern Malaysia is the urban, English-speaking, educated, professional & well-travelled Malay.


Do not pick on the rural Malay. He is not the problem.

However, the main obstacle to a modern, progressive Malaysia is the educated, professional, well-travelled, English-speaking urban Malay, who controls a government department, a GLC, a bank or a business.

We’re not talking about the ordinary pakcik managing his stall in a warong, but the Malay taiko who owns franchises, or multi-million ringgit companies, or markets luxury foreign brands.

These urban Malays wield power and influence. Some are decision makers in government. They are the civil servants or the big names in the business world. They have influence. They help dictate policy.

Some of you are under the impression that the rural Malay is the obstacle to progress. No, he is not! The rural Malay is too busy trying to make ends meet. He has no control over policy making.

Spot the odd one out.

Talks on democratic values

When you attend talks about rule of law, democratic values, and good governance, the number of Malays present can be counted on one hand.

If you had been to the Negara Ku event in 2014, in Ipoh, which was launched by lawyer and social activist Haris Ibrahim, Clare Rewcastle Brown’s book launch at Tower Regency Hotel, in 2018, the Ipoh launch of MAJU in 2020, you would have noticed that few Malays were present. One could argue that Ipoh is Chinese dominated.

At many talks by Bersih or Opposition politicians, which were held overseas, the Malays comprise only 3 percent of the total audience. 

So, are the Malays not interested in democracy? Perhaps, they had better things to do that day.

At one talk in Ipoh, in 2018, Haris mentioned his lack-of-Malays-in-the-audience observation and challenged everyone present to bring five Malay friends to a future talk of his, which he would conduct in Malay.

He asked if they were willing to do that and asked for a show of hands. There were none, not because no-one was willing, but he knew full well that there would be no takers, because it would be an extremely difficult, if not impossible task.

My question is, if you are non-Malay, have you a Malay friend? If you are Malay, have you a non-Malay friend? Is befriending the Malays very hard to do?

Malays and non-Malays have more things in common than would be suggested by the wild claims made by rabid Umno-Baru, PAS and Bersatu bigots, that the Chinese or the DAP want to take over Malaysia and introduce communist ideology or Christian values.

Both Malays and non-Malays have the same interests. They want the best education for their children, affordable housing and good healthcare for their families, employment and a decent wage.

One non-Malay said, “For years, my Malay friends from school would visit our open house for Chinese New Year/Deepavali/Christmas but these visits began to peter out in the late 1980s. Why?”

Another said, “Every Christmas, my good friend (a Malay) pays me a visit, but in recent years, his children refused to eat the cakes, or drink from my glasses. I offered them Coke straight from the bottle. They still refused.

“My friend apologised afterwards and said that it was the school and the Mara college they attended which had indoctrinated them.”

So, why had this parent failed to undo the brainwashing of his children, by their teachers? Or has state institutionalised racism taken over the parental role?

Another friend said that he invited his Malay friends to his daughter’s wedding. He had ordered Malay halal caterers to provide special halal food using their own crockery and cutlery. No Malay friend turned-up. This was in Bangsar.

This story came from a friend in London. He invited some Malays to his house for a private talk by a visiting Bersih representative. A group of ten Malays asked to attend. He reassured them that a Turkish shop would provide halal refreshments that night. Despite their promise to come, not one Malay turned-up.

People on Whatsapp have a tendency to forward articles to others in their chat group. One friend received a message from his school friend who said, “Stop attacking Islam.” My friend explained that he had not attacked Islam but had wondered, for instance, about the lack of action from clerics and prominent Malays to prevent child marriages.

Other non-Malay friends have the same stories about their Malay friends on Whatsapp accusing them of “attacking” Islam when they have been ultra careful not to mention Islam but had criticised the inaction of Muslim leaders or clerics. Most of them were subsequently blocked.

Another friend who commented on the millions of ringgits of PPE donations by PRC and Malaysian Chinese millionaires asked why Malay millionaires like the felon Najib Abdul Razak, and Adnan Mansor had failed to be equally charitable. This non-Malay friend received a put-down for being racist.

From Washington, to Paris, to Sydney, some Malays fear Big-Brother watching them and will only attend talks if these are held in private homes. They claimed that some of the people in the audience of public talks, were from Special Branch and targeted the Malays.

Haris’ challenge is tricky. Many non-Malay friends have found to their cost, that many Malays are ultra-sensitive and take criticism, even if the criticism is about Malay/Muslim government officials, as a personal slight.

For over 40 years, JAKIM failed to take care of the meat we consume, but many Muslims are willing to entrust JAKIM with the minutiae of how their lives are run. Why?

I have been accused of being an apostate for criticising incompetent Malays/Muslims. Discussing rule of law and injustice with another Malay, is like treading on egg-shells. Sarcasm or irony, is lost on many of them. Many rarely listen and blow-up easily.

If change is to come to Malaysia, we need to convince the urban Malays, to stop being non-committal and apathetic, because they are happy to enjoy the perks and ill-gotten gains of being the self-appointed Superior Ketuanan race. Will they realise that nothing lasts forever.

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Paul Wolfobitch says:

    “The is no love in calling others the hateful, hurtful dehumanizing and denigrating pejorative ‘kafir’ those laknatullahs, cursed by Allah,… Blah”

    There’s no love in Islam for the “kafirs”, actually.

    Those with hatred for the “kafirs” are practising Islam correctly.

    One mustn’t be deluded and infatuated with any sense of “love” as those warped wonders would be from the other hypocrite pile of sh*t, the evangelical nutters of the DAP.

    With Islam, any lovefest with those of other religious bent is out!

    Now shut up, and get back to your khat lesson!

  • Chris says:

    Very depressing to read the real facts.Very sad state of affairs today.Can it be reversed, almost impossible.Humane values replaced by insane ones in the name of race and religion.Only divine intervention can save us.God bless Malaysia.


    Well, there is always glaring silence whenever I tried to discuss substantive matter in all my WhatsApp groups that I belong to. The groups can be among family members or friends. Nobody says anything. I can only discuss individually with those that I know are open minded.

  • Terence Gui Soon Hock says:

    The problem lies with the Institutionalised Racism and Religious Intolerance Indoctrination propagated and nurtured under the Mahatir Regime, to Decapitate Malaysian Unity, Strangle Democracy and Rule-Of-Law when he was in power.
    Under Mahatir, Malaysian Politics was molded into a Race Based Lie, whereby a mentality of “Them against us” was initiated, fueled and propagated as a ruse to his “divide and conquer” strategy !
    He still plays his Racist Games today, but most of the Rakyat now see through his machinations !
    Mahatir is the one responsible for the Corruption Cronyism and Nepotism the permeates the Malaysian Political Scenario !
    He emasculated the Judiciary, Muzzled the Press, and Enacted Laws that allowed his subsequent successors to act with impunity, regardless of The Law !
    The disease known as Mahatir, is the reason why the Rakyat today face the plundering of Malaysia’s Resources, and the also the reason why he must never again be allowed to regain power !
    His only agenda has always been to foster a “Mahatir Dynasty”, and he has proven that he doesn’t give a damn about the Rakyat !
    It will take generations to undo what this demon has inculcated into Malaysian Democracy !
    Hopefully, Malaysians will once again rise to the challenges that this Machiavellian Manipulator Mahatir has infected Malaysian Democracy, and undo the damage that he has inflicted.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      Mahathir can’t be all that bad.

      Lim Lynasty’s Lim Khat Siang and Josef staLim Guano Eng say so.

      What’s more, Mahathir’s crimes and sins were forgiven in readiness for the last election lection, thank you, DAP!

  • double tree says:

    Malays in urban areas are more intolerant because it is to their advantage. They know the score if they have to compete. They know that many will not succeed with more competition. They are where they are BECAUSE of NEP and ketuanan policies. The fact they can speak English and graduated from overseas does not matter. They all know that to be successful they must ALL believe and support NEP and ketuanan. No one wants to compete. A friend’s son completed his medical training in New Zealand and stayed on to be a constant but refused to come back. His father also a doctor when reminded that his son did well without NEP still supported the NEP. Why? Without NEP Malays will lose some jobs to non Malays. With NEP, Malays will take ALL the jobs. So what will the educated Malays support?
    As I have said before, the situation is dire with the country rotting faster than ever – the educated Malays are no help. Every malay is brain washed to believe in the NEP and ketuanan. There are repercussions if they don’t.

    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “Every malay is brain washed to believe in the NEP and ketuanan.”

      But strong and rather racist that!

      Not “every Malay”, I don’t think Auntie Mariam here can be roundly or squarely condemned with your ridiculous blackening with your kiasu extra-large tarring brush.

      Desist from your long kang racism, we live with our Malay brothers.

      And I can’t live without my Malay sisters, I much prefer them to those kiasu Chinese long kang princesses sisters.

  • Mustak Shaik says:

    Pendek kata lah Mariam, you too are afraid to TELL IT LIKE IT IS.

    It’s Islam, Islam is what made us into what we are today, racist towards people of many tribes, colors and religion not Muslim, divisive, exclusive, hateful kafirists. Which is a much more potent and rabid form of expression than racism.

    I mean, how can you integrate, assimilate or govern any nation when Islam is there dividing a nation and its people into ‘them’ and ‘us’ of ‘Muslims’ and ‘kafirs’ those laknatullahs cursed by Allah? Those whose only destination is to burn in hell for eternity. Of Surah al Mai’dah 51, of ‘do not vote-in an incorruptible ‘kafir’ over a bastard of a corrupt Muslimin’ and ‘Kafir are not to govern over Muslims’

    Penjelasan Paling Detail dari Dr. Zakir Naik mengenai Surat Al-Maidah Ayat 51


    And if they say that interpretation is ‘out context’, the usual cop-out, give them Zakir Naik’s interpretation, the rage in Indonesia and in Malaysia. And no one in Malaysia had ever rebutted him on this interpretation. Not form the Custodian of Islam in Malaysia, Not JAKIM and not the Muftis. Maybe a whimper from other Islamists and those whimpers are hardly heard by the Muslim population.

    And no, it’s not the politicians, the politicians follows the Islamists for political expediencies, and that’s where they failed Malaysia because political Islam has been failing itself and the Muslim world every single century.

    It’s the NEW GENERATIONS OF MALAYS that are unable to assimilate and integrate with the other cosmopolitans in their midst.

    This is so by their learning and drumming-in of that institutionalized age old pejorative and made worse by it.

    That learnt, institutionalized pejorative ’KAFIR’ is much more toxic, divisive, hurtful, hateful, denigrating and dehumanizing than any form of RACISM.

    And Muslims in Malaysia takes their ‘kafir’ very seriously. Why? For RUU355 and to usurp our ‘kafir’ Constitution to one of Shariah. Do not vote in a ‘kafir’ to govern over Muslims. Vote in a (corrupt) Muslim over an incorruptible ‘kafir’.

    So, the thousands of Islamists uses those narratives in their talks, ceramahs. And by now, the hate is cast in stone, however obvious or not it is.

    It divides a people and its nation into two opposing forces forever in a state of perpetual attrition. Literally clutching at each other’s throats. Like Hindus and Muslims in India and Muslims in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, designated the sectarian slur ‘takfiris.’ Which is the same doctrine of hate.

    And where does that toxic template of hate comes from do you not know?

    There’s hatred is in the word ‘kafir’. The deception is in telling others that the word only means ‘non-Muslims’, when with its connotations, it is more than that.

    The is no love in calling others the hateful, hurtful dehumanizing and denigrating pejorative ‘kafir’ those laknatullahs, cursed by Allah, ingrates to the Islamic faith, whose only destination is to burn in hell for eternity. The point is, how can you govern a cosmopolitan nation when you divide its people into them and us, Muslims and “kafiruns”?

    So, who hates whom more, tell me. Even if it is not obvious, it’s already in the heart and in the minds of Muslims.

    Yes, the Muslims are in the majority, but how can you govern a nation, in this age and times, when you have to activate 4 different types of kafrisms to govern a nation by Muslims, when finally, there is nothing to be bridged, the hate and the distrust is understood.

    The ‘kafirs’ are oblivious to all this?

    Even today, now, when Malaysia is not yet governed by Islamic precepts, the hate of Muslims for the ‘kafirs’ is there, the pretense of DAPigs, the Chinese ‘kafirs.’ Hindu ‘LTTE’ pendatangs and the such.

    Dehumanizing at work.

    The distrust divide is permanent, irrevocable, irreversible, absolute, since the istilah ‘kafir’ cannot be removed from the holy texts. Listen to the ceramahs of the Islamists, PAS, ISMA, Hitzbut Tahrir, Zakir Naik and his proteges.

    So, who exactly cannot assimilate or integrate with others the world over?


    A lot of pretenses and those pretenses are that Islamic art of deception.

    Turn it around and blame others.

    It was the SUFI traders that bought us our ‘peaceful Islam’ the tactic widely used was to dispense only part of the verse without revealing the whole or explaining the historical context of the revelations.

    Now, today, we are asked to swallow Islam Salafi Wahhabi radicalization, that rabid, violent, virulent, rabid, exclusive, brainless ISIS type of Islam, and swallow we will, some of us Muslims who don’t, will be labelled…here we go again… a moderate, a liberal, a secularist, a reformist, a deviant, a non-believer, a murtad, keluar Islam and destined to burn in hell for eternity that many refuse to think and speak up. Islam of that yearning for a Global Caliphate.

    To me, this is the real Islam, the Islam without dispensing any part of the verse and revealing the whole and explaining the historical context of its revelation. Islam of that yearning for a Global Caliphate.

    “The Caliphate, the Grande Finale, the final obligation upon the ummah, the Muslim community, to achieve a Global Caliphate, a seat of religious-cum-political authority, holding sway over the whole Islamic world—as the only ideal form of governance.”

    Which is to subjugate, convert or failing that, to kill all recalcitrant ‘kafirs’ and ‘takfiris’ for the never ending yearning of the current on-going Qur’anic mandate of a Global Caliphate.

    Which is what we see, children in tahfizes and madrassahs of the world in ISIS like outfits, complete with make believe knives and guns parading military style, shouting ‘Allahuakbar!’ Malaysia too.

    It’s a Quranic mandate after all.

    Try to stop that yearning for a world of only Muslims.


    • Paul Wolfobitch says:

      “Try to stop that yearning for a world of only Muslims.


      What are you rambling on about, telling Muslims they should “try” and all that?

      Hatred for “kafirs” and death to “kafirs” are very much teachings in Islam.

      Therefore those who hate “kafirs” and wish and will death to the “kafirs” are only practising their religion correctly.

      So why should the rather thick and dull fcukheads listen to any preaching by the “kafirs”? Please get that right and stop confusing yourself and others.

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