The BTN… Biro Tata Negara

The BTN is divisive, racist and politically-motivated. The public is outraged; but Umno-Baru politicians seem blind to these facts.

Ministers from the other component parties of BN appear to agree with their Umno-Baru counterparts. Their silence speaks volumes.

Some Umno-Baru ministers claim that the courses instil patriotism and are harmless. They see no harm in segregating and humiliating participants into groups, based on ethnicity.

The BTN runs counter to the ideals of a united Malaysia. Questions have political and religious undertones. Malay minds are being manipulated.

It is wrong that non-Malays are chastised for their ‘immigrant’ status and are told to be grateful to the Malays.

It is abhorrent when only the contributions of the Malays are recognised for bringing prosperity to the nation.

It is despicable that Malays are warned not to mingle with non-Malays, and only Muslims are to be respected.

The Malays who speak out against the BTN have been accused of being a traitor to their race, and religion.

The BTN strangles the ideals, aspirations and uniqueness of all Malaysians, but many Western-educated, middle class Malays are reluctant to voice their opposition to it. Why?

What is your experience of the BTN? Do you know anyone who has been on it?

Perhaps, you agree with the BTN?

Please share your views.

Rebuilding Malaysia

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