The Bumi Bird

Yin’s “The Bumi Bird”, from his “Poems of Protests and Resistance”

The Bumi Bird

My wings are clipped

My legs now weak

My belly full

How to fly?


The songs I sing

A mournful trill

Of freedoms forgotten

But longed for still


Black and Yellow birds

Freely ride the currents 

In thunder, lightning and in rain  

The winds gentle

Then violent

Their fate uncertain

Yet they take their chances


Let me out

From this gilded prison

Enough is enough

I will take my chances


Free me from this 

Cage of dreams

Shouts of Ketuanan 

My nightmare screams  


Take away my empty title

Prince of the earth 

And all that prattle


Let me spread my wings and fly 

With the others through the sky

Through weather fair or foul 

I will take my chances

Prove myself

Learn new songs

In tune with the others


Uncage me

Let me soar through the sky

Lest this Bumi bird

Like the Dodo die.  (The views expressed are those of the contributor)


By Yin, 

(From: Poems of Protest and Resistance)




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