The Cash Cow, the Sacred Cow and more cow-apples from the cattle-pen

Shahrizat Credit FMT

New “Malaysian Official 1” definition: Democracy is the freedom to elect our own dictators.


Today, Wanita Umno-Baru leader, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil warned the rakyat that foreign interference could topple Malaysia’s democratically elected government. She said, “The consequences of such tactics will get out of hand, just as what occurred to Iraq and Syria, which in the end not only invited conflict but also prolonged civil war.”

Scaremongering again! Just like last December, when she helped to lay the groundwork for endorsement of the controversial National Security Council (NSC) Bill by creating panic and fear.

Back then, she warned delegates that foreign elements were attempting to topple the Malaysian government. She called for “sacrifices” to be made so that the “people will continue to enjoy peace and harmony.”

She talked about the spilling of blood and directed her barbs at former Deputy PM Muhyiddin Yassin and former PM, Mahathir Mohamad.

Why is she being irresponsible?

Two reasons. The cash cow and the sacred cow.

First. Protect the cash cow.

1MDB generates unlimited wealth to the select few; although 1MDB is the rakyat’s money, it must be protected at all costs so it can be treated like a personal kitty.

Second. Defend the sacred cow.

Protecting the cash cow, means that the “Malaysian Official 1” cannot be criticised. The sacred cow. He can do no wrong.

More cow-apples.

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) lawsuit caused a stampede of Umno-Baru loyalists, coming out to defend the Sacred Cow, who wants to protect his Cash Cow. They produced more “cow-apples” (Cow-apples=Bull Sh**).

Hishammuddin Hussein, told us NOT to politicise 1MDB.

Communications Minister, Said Keruak, blamed former PM, Dr Mahathir Mohamad for instigating the DOJ lawsuit.

Umno-Baru division leader aka Red-shirts leader, Jamal Yunos, urged his red-shirts to go on another stampede.

Turtle egg consumer, the Rural and Regional Development Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob, of the “Oops, I was not aware that turtle eggs were on the endangered list,” infamy, said it was hypocritical of the Opposition to demand “Malaysian Official 1’s” resignation.

All these loyalists, are afraid. If “Malaysian Official 1” goes down, so do they.

Last year, Shahrizat claimed that disunity in Umno-Baru would allow DAP to gain control of the Malays; “Do you want to surrender the Malays and bumiputera to DAP? I am not prepared (to do so). Let blood flow. We won’t allow DAP to take over. If Umno is weak, God forbid, our country will be taken over by DAP.”

Senior politicians should not make remarks that have the potential to create panic and distrust.

What was Shahrizat implying?

Why the reference to civil war?

If an ordinary member of the rakyat, or an opposition politician, were to make such a remark, he would be charged with sedition and hauled to prison.

Shahrizat also attributed the “destruction” of the Middle East to the fight for human rights and democracy.

She said, “Take heed of what happened in Iraq, Egypt, Paris (sic), Syria, Yemen, Mali and other countries. Cries for democracy, human rights and freedom are made, but only to serve personal interests, and they destroy the society that was painstakingly built by their countries’ forefathers.”

Democracy? What democracy?

In Malaysia, democracy is the freedom to elect one’s own dictator.”


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  • Pohlean chew says:

    Hi Mairam, so very happy to find your site and be able to enjoy your writings!
    I believe Sharizat has more to lose or maybe she can get away with the cow condos and other properties overseas they they have too.

  • Pak Lurah says:

    Let the all the cow-apples make a fool of themselves.
    I had not have a damn good laugh for a very long time.

  • Ssl33 says:

    Rightly said, well done

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