The day Malaysia shut its door and drew the curtains on the rest of the world.

MCMC notification of banToday, Malaysia turned its back on the rest of the world. Instead of the reforms promised by Najib Abdul Razak, the government’s Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) blocked an additional four websites, for reasons known only to itself, Najib and his inner circle.

A Malaysiakini report said that earlier this week, had been blocked because it refused to remove a Sarawak report article.

Coincidentally, Sarawak Report and Asia Sentinel, have both been blocked.

So, it seems that the people who promised reform, are upset and have reneged on the promise, made before GE-13, for reform.

Perhaps, this is what is commonly known, as ‘Janji Melayu’ – ‘Malay promises’.

Why don’t the authorities adopt A. Kadir Jasin’s suggestion to take the bloggers to court? Kadir alleged that the sites had not been told the reasons for the ban, and said, “Who judges whether these blogs have violated the law?”

So, in one swoop, the MCMC and Najib, have turned judge, jury and executioner.

Najib will claim that he is “protecting” us from hearing evil or untruths.

Why does he not let us read, and judge for ourselves, if these sites are indeed spewing out lies and fabrications?

Is he afraid of being judged?

Perhaps, he is just afraid.

The more he screens us from information, the more we will try to find it.

We are angry that he withholds freedom of information and expression.

He is afraid that the rakyat will deny him any freedom.

NOTE: If you want to read these MCMC banned sites, try a VPN or proxy site, such as

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