The enemy of the Malays

In the latest entry in his blog, former prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that he was ashamed that many Malays believe that the DAP, and its secretary-general, Lim Guan Eng, would destroy the Malays, if they were part of the Federal Government.

He said, “I admit that the Malays have several weaknesses amongst which was their lack of success in business and economic activity. Many poor Malays are involved in drugs, in certain crimes and corruption. Our prisons are full of Malays.”

Then he asked, “…but is it true that the Malays are so weak that a political party could destroy them?”

So, are the Chinese strong, or the Malays weak?

My experience

I went to a mission school and do not recall any animosity between the Chinese and the Malays, at least amongst my school friends. We studied together, ate from one another’s tupperware during break, spent weekends in one another’s houses and socialised.

There was intense competition in various subjects, and that cannot be bad, because it made us work harder, to try and outdo one another.

So, where and how, did the vicious enmity begin? Who started it and why? I think we know that Umno started it, and successive prime ministers did nothing to help integrate the races, but exacerbated the division.

My father’s photos, from his student days, in England, show that he was surrounded by fellow Malayans – Malays, Indian and Chinese, I do not believe that his youth was tainted by the inter-racial hatred which is prevalent today.

An older friend, a non-Malay lawyer in his sixties, whom I shall call David, related a similar experience from his youth. He enjoyed the friendship of the Malays in much the same way as I did, with the non-Malays.

Every Christmas, one of David’s friends, would visit him but recently the teenage children of his Malay friend refuse to shake hands with David, wish him “Happy Christmas” or even drink from his glasses, even if coke was poured from a bottle. They would just sit in the car whilst their father reminisced about old times.

David was visibly hurt, but his friend said, “You mustn’t mind them because they go to a Mara school.”

The father’s justification for his children’s racism is wrong, and he should have done more to correct his children’s manners and attitude.

A classmate, who enrolled her children in a national school said that when her children shared their food with their non-Malay friends at break, their teacher admonished them, and warned them not to mix with non-Malays and non-Muslims. When my friend complained to the headmistress about a racist teacher, her children were bullied.

So, is racism part of the school curriculum?

I know two families – one Malay, the other Chinese. Their children were not academic so when they finished Form Three, the Chinese boy, was sent by his father to a garage to learn how to be a mechanic. Today, he runs a successful car repair and imported car parts business. The Malay parents did not offer their son any direction and today, he is a drug addict and unemployed.

I recently met a Malay woman who owns and manages a successful restaurant in London, and she said, “The people who are betraying the Malays, are the Malays themselves.” She rattled off the names of the Malays who had cheated and stolen from Felda, Tabung Haji and other Malay institutions.

On the other hand, in the previous month, three successful, professional Malays, living in Malaysia, told me that the non-Malays should not demand too much, if they wanted to live in Malaysia.

They each said that the Chinese were a threat to them, but when I asked how the Chinese posed a threat, they could only repeat the political propaganda, which we hear so often, “The DAP have a pact with Singapore to make it a Chinese dominated country and the Malays will surely lose their rights. The Chinese will get rid of Islam and install Christianity as the state religion. They will also get rid of the Sultans.”

Are the Malays very insecure, extremely gullible, or both?

They have been brainwashed into thinking that the Chinese is the enemy, and they fail to criticise the Malay leaders involved in large scale corruption. They also fail to censure the Malays who contribute to the high consumption of internet porn, on the east coast, the drug taking, incest and the high percentage of the Malay community infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV/AIDS.

There are large numbers of Malay divorces and a high proportion of single mothers compared to the other races.

The Malay  social fabric is at risk of disentangling. Religion has not managed to reduce the drug taking, incestuous relationships, teenage pregnancies or large-scale corruption and theft of public money. The majority of Malay women are afraid to speak out against child marriages or polygamy.

To make things worse, the NEP has only made elite Malays richer and ignored the needs of the poorer Malays.

So, tell me, are the DAP, the Chinese or the communists, the real enemy of the Malay?

Rebuilding Malaysia


  • Norman Nuzum says:

    Akhir-akhir ini banyak komentar jahat dari para pensupport regu sepakbola kepada regu lawan. Apakah ini akan berimbas besar pada kulitas pemain sepakbola? Jangan komentar jahat-jahat kepada siapa saja. Yang mesti kita lakukan yakni menyokong tiap permainan yang dijadikan.

  • Puzzled says:

    At a tender age of 9 in Primary 3, my son was bullied by 6 Primary 6 boys often. He defended himself resulting in a fight of 6 on 1. Result… primary 3 son was punished for disturbing the 6 boys from Primary 6!!!!! I was called to school, not wanting my son to be further victimised, I had to quietly agree my son is at fault!!!! Now my son had grown up 24 years old has a very low perception of that race.

  • Lasief Finah says:

    None at this moment…….

  • isaloo says:

    The enemy of the Malays
    They should have thought hard and free
    They should open up their minds and eyes
    They should open up their common senses

    The enemy of the Malays
    They are themselves to blame
    They have minds to think and ponder
    They have minds and eyes to read and learn

    Yet what have they learned?
    With strings of degrees and positions?
    They don’t say it is their own kind
    They shift it to the Non-Malays

    The religious and political Malay games
    They cooked up the narrative of the dark side
    They say they fail they can’t make the grade
    It is the Non-Malays who stole it

    Because of their own kind of indoctrination
    The Malays fail to grasp who is their enemy
    They should sit up and stare in the mirrors
    They will know who to put the blame

    I remembered my kampong days
    I mixed with the Malays
    The good ones would advice me
    “Don’t try to be the bad guys”

    You see they were the gangsters
    They fought the police and rival gangs
    They spent their times in prison
    Yet they offered me that advice

    The enemy of the Malays
    It’s their own kind who brainwashed them
    Till today the Malays are walking in it
    They should wake up from their slumber!

  • S.Muthu Pillai says:

    Hello Mariam dear…you crying over spilled milk…what has been done has been done…what we should do is form a third political force and get rid of this PN and PH once and for all….then resort to the pre NEP era….the NEP didn’t work for the Malays on the whole….the malaise with which they suffer today is because of the NEP….NEP was designed to discrimate the Malays rather than help them prosper…. Education in Malaysia is intelligence based!!…Only the intelligent would survive…so how about the not so intelligent people who are lumped together with this system..definitely they can’t survive…..we should have talent based education instead….every individual in this world has some talent within them and it’s duty of the state to nurture it and bring it to the fore for them to survive in this world…I think what I said is suffice and need not eloborate further on the above…first and foremost get rid of this good for nothing govt. they are a exact replica of the govt. of the UMNO era…which is to discrimate the Malays…and make them more religiously fundamentaltic and which of course is to their own detriment….When the Malays become more redicalised they make good fodder for Americans to implement their policies of hate and destruction…The Americans survive on that..sorry to say…hence we should all become for liberal in our well being ..especially the Malays….and Malaysia will be a better place for all of us!!…

  • Ishak Mohamad Isa says:

    Melayu tipu melayu is ok, asalkan isle. Semua sudah terlajak dan sukar dibaiki..

  • Darren says:

    Can I have the London restaurant name that you went to eat please? Craving for Malaysian food and always on look out for good restaurant that served authentic ones. Am living at York, England. Thanks

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