The feckless Perak MB does it again! He claims that there is no such thing as Orang Asli ancestral lands. So why are his coalition partners, DAP, AMANAH, and PKR scared of him? Why does PH in Perak condone, what is happening to the Orang Asli?

The Mentri Besar of Perak is clueless and ignorant, but one thing is sure.

He will guarantee that the Pakatan Harapan (PH) administration in Perak, will be a one-term wonder, and that is if they are not kicked out, before their term is up.

Shame on him! His constituency of Chenderiang, has a large percentage (22%) of Orang Asli (OA) people. They backed him in GE-14. He won by the skin of his teeth, a mere 39 votes.

If not for the OA, Ahmad Faizal Azumu would just be another Bersatu failed candidate.

MB blames NGOs for causing racial strife between the OA and other races

Ahmad Faizal said that Perak does not recognise tanah adat (ancestral land)


    At an event today, he was asked about the OA and the timber blockade in their ancestral lands, and he said, “There are 2.5 million people in Perak and 60,000 of them are Orang Asli.

“What if the other races also want ‘tanah adat’? Do we divide up land for them?” 

For the Perak MB’s information, Malaysia has already signed the United Nations Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) 2007. 

For his further information, the welfare of the OA, was one of the promises made in the PH manifesto before GE-14.


He then alleged that  NGOs were causing racial strife between the OA and the other communities, and said, “It’s dangerous to have conflict between races. We should not provoke it.

“I urge that we avoid it. The state is ready to hear and discuss any issues.” 

As far as I am aware, a meeting between Ahmad Faizal and the OA, was meant to be held several weeks ago. The meeting has been postponed, twice. The first postponement was made because Ahmad Faizal’s mother died, and the meeting was postponed again. 

If Ahmad Faizal cannot go, he should delegate.


In yesterday’s newspaper report, the MB said, “There’s no need to voice out on social media.” 

So is the MB afraid of public reaction on social media discussing his abysmal performance?

To stop the negative response to his actions, he only has to perform his job properly. With integrity, accountability and responsibility. 

At the moment, he has no time for the OA, but he can easily carve up the land for the timber barons, the mining companies, the oil palm plantation owners and development companies.

One does not need to go to university to act with compassion, grace and personality to be a leader. So, Ahmad Faizal could act with compassion.

Ahmad Faizal may have the backing of a few individuals, who, for reasons of their own, enable him to remain as the MB, but he does NOT have the backing of the majority of the people of Perak.

Why are Amanah, DAP and PKR silent?

Why are the other component PH parties, DAP, AMANAH, and PKR quiet about the MB’s performance.

Are they prepared to serve only one term in office? Are they prepared to allow one man to take all of them down?

This site and others have listed several of the MB’s failings.

The inaction of his coalition partners reflects badly on them, and more importantly, on the people who decided that he should be MB.

Shame on all of them! Perak deserves better. With a few exceptions, we have had rubbish MBs who have shown no initiative to lead. They have merely served their term in office for their own personal agendas and to help their cronies.

Are the MB’s advisers clueless?

Ahmad Faizal and his advisers should study the many court judgments about OA ancestral lands.

Remember the Sagong Tasi trial?

Putrajaya has extended their help to protect the interests of the OA in Kelantan. The same help should be accorded to the OA of Perak.

Conflict of interest

This is how the MB resolves the current impasse with the OA.

  1. The MB orders the police to remove blockades, which the OA had erected to protect the forests.
    The MB had earlier given logging permits and did not tell the OA about the encroachment onto their ancestral lands.
  2. The MB said that the OA were on state land.
    He ignored legal convention that state forest reserve land is considered the customary territories of the OA. The state is obliged to recognise it, even though no official title has been issued.
  3. The MB claimed that logging was done in accordance with the law and dismissed allegations that logging was done in water catchment areas. 
    How does the MB know? He appears only to listen to the loggers and the people in the forestry department, all of whom have vested interests.

Here is one question from a concerned Malaysian to the Perak MB

As the MB is aware of the ‘problems’, what is he going to do to alleviate the plight of vulnerable OA communities in Perak?

When will he show us his leadership, political will and resolution to end the perennial disenfranchisement, marginalisation & neglect of the OA communities?

Please sign this petition to help the OA

Just click this link if you would like PM, Dr Mahathir Mohamad to act on behalf of the OA.

Thank you



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