The final countdown: Mahathir vs MO1. Place your bets now, and if you’re Muslim, you can do it by proxy



Mahathir has said “Sorry!”. Is it time to move on, and kick MO1 out in GE-14? Or would you like to make Mahathir pay for his misdeeds first, before you go after MO1?

Do you think that now that Mahathir has apologised (I bet you did not think he would, did you), Mo1 is ruling on borrowed time?

What do you want for yourself? Can you translate what you desire into the needs of your children and grandchildren?

If you do not get rid of MO1 now, when do you propose doing it? When Mahathir is gone? He is 92-years-old, and not immortal.

Are you undecided and paralysed with fear?

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